Meditation: A good way to help reduce stress

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By June Roberta

May is National Meditation Month. Meditation is a good way to reduce the stress in life. There are many different meditation techniques, so it’s not difficult to find what works best for each person.

It is an excellent way to find peace, gentleness and joy within and to offer it back to the world. Meditation can make it possible to be more aware of each moment, to be more focused, and to appreciate what is around you.

Through meditation, it is possible to access this peacefulness at any time and in any place because it exists within each of us. This is one way to find it.

It brings calmness of mind and body to the lives of those who practice this regularly. Meditation helps to relieve tension in the body, develop patience, and greatly reduces anger and frustration.

Anyone who has never tried this practice before can start with just 10 minutes. Over time, it can be increased. Each day do it at the same time and in the same place.

The Trains of the

Colorado Rockies

Bob Woods informed me that there are still seats available for The Trains of the Colorado Rockies trip departing July 11 for nine days/eight nights.

If anyone is interested, please give Bob a call for itinerary and prices as this trip is closing out.

Also a “quickie” trip is scheduled for Nov. 4 for a three-day/two-night jaunt to Amelia Island, Jacksonville, and St. Augustine.

Bob told me he has had many folks asking him about a cruise, so Bob has one leaving Jan. 24, 2010 for a seven-night Western Caribbean cruise on RCCL’s Freedom of the Seas from Port Canaveral. Bonus for this trip is $100 shipboard credit and one free beach towel per cabin.

For prices for different categories, please call Bob  for a flyer and itinerary at 854-0702.

Freestyle cruising

Come and join the Larry Wilver and Margaret Orlando Group for a free style cruising, Feb. 28 through March 7, 2010. This is a little different from a normal Caribbean cruise.

We will leave from Miami to Roatan-Honduras, Belize, Costa Maya. Mexico, (hope the swine flu would be over or they will replace with a new port) and Great Stirrup Cay.

This will be on a Norwegian Jewel (NCL). My husband and I were on this ship a couple of weeks ago on a 10-day Southern Caribbean trip.

It was the most relaxing trip we had. We can eat anytime; anywhere we want, with whomever we want! We can dress up or down as we want. Great entertainment!

We got a real great price for this 7-night cruise, prices including port, taxes, and government fees, inside: $737pp, outside: $976pp, Balcony: $1,046.27pp (double occupancy).

There will be a bus to and from the port. At this time, it is estimated to be $65pp.

For further information and booking, call 1-877-553-8537; Margaret 854-7306, or Larry 861-0609.

Master the Possibilities

There are 16 programs beginning next week at Master the Possibilities Education Center. Happily all still have openings,  but time is limited to register.

There are a couple of new programs not advertised in the catalog. On Monday, May 18, (1 p.m. in Live Oak Hall) come and see the movie “A League of Their Own” and then join in a discussion with Mava “Tommy” Thomas, an original member of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. This is a free program open to all. On Thursday, May 21, there will be a presentation (9 to 10 a.m. in Live Oak Hall) by the Marion County Fire Rescue.

 This, too, is free for all.

You should register for these events so that they can know how many to expect.

To do this, go to masterthepossiblities.com or call 854 3699.

Again, there are wonderful opportunities to learn and grow at Master the Possibilities and you’ll have fun too!

The Movie Club

On May 3, I picked up Janet at 5:40 p.m. and we went to the ballroom at the H&R building. The Movie Club presented “Nights in Rodanthe.” I had already seen it but I told Janet I would see it again. It’s a romantic movie starring Richard Gere and Diane Lane. Although I knew the plot, I enjoyed it as much as the first time I saw it.

This film had everything. Not only was it romantic, but there were sad parts as well.

The hurricane scenes were exciting and the scenery was beautiful. It did not have a Hollywood ending which made the picture much more true to life.

Sweat and Stretch Class

There is a new class with Mary Pat called Sweat and Stretch. The time is 9 to 9:50 a.m.  Very few people showed up for the first class. It was listed in the April OTOW News and there are flyers in back of the information desk at the H&R building. It was their loss.

Besides stretching and aerobics, hand weights and large balls were used to give everyone a good workout. The sweat part is a perfect name for this class. Well before half the 50-minute class was over, sweat was beading on most people’s faces. It was a very worthwhile class especially for those who find it hard getting to the 8 a.m. condition and stretch class.

Life’s A Ball

Every Wednesday from 9 to 9:50 a.m., there is a new class called, Life’s A Ball. Mary Pat instructs this class. There were only about 10 people attending. The time it’s held is perfect so I don’t know what excuse OTOW residents have for not being there.

Mats were brought but not used this time.

The workout was done mainly on a stability ball. Both barbells and stretch bands were used as well. All parts of the body were exercised – sometimes a few together and sometimes singly.

The time passed fast as most of the exercises were new to many attending. If a person isn’t fit before taking this class, they certainly will become so after a few sessions.

Cultural Center

Margo and Rodeo Drive Dance Party will perform on Friday, May 22. The doors open at 6 p.m. and the show begins at 7 p.m. Tickets start at $12, limited seating available.

Margo Rochelle and Rodeo Drive have emerged as one of Florida’s most-in-demand music acts. They regularly perform at Disney’s Pleasure Island. Some of the well-known songs Margo will be performing include The Electric Slide, Leroy Brown, and All Shook Up.

Interfaith Shoe Program

Tennis players have become a great source of shoes and sneakers for the homeless who depend upon Interfaith for food, shelter, and clothing. Since the supply of foot wear is never enough, we ask that you drop off your discards at the H&R or Arbor club office.

They will be sent to Diana Lawrence who is our local interfaith coordinator.

Illinois Social Club

Our next get together will be on Sunday, May 31, for a dinner. We welcome anyone who has lived in Illinois to join us. We have a great fun group. We have no meetings, no dues, no bylaws.

Try us once and you will be back. We know there are a lot more former Illinois people out there. We all have a lot of fun talking about our former years in the cold country.

We have a wonderful bus trip scheduled in August for the Biltmore estate in Asheville, N.C. for six days at an incredible price.

We welcome OTOW residents and their guests to join us on this trip.

For more information and reservations, call Marlene at 369-3341.

June Roberta is retired and lives in OTOW. She enjoyed a diverse career, including being a legal secretary to a theatrical attorney on Madison Avenue. Call her at 237-9208, or e-mail OTOW news to her at jroberta@cfl.rr.com. Deadline is a week prior to Friday’s publication.