Marionsfor Peace rally 03-18-2011

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Letter to the editor by Delphine Herbert

Marionsfor Peace will join with activist groups throughout the nation on Saturday, March 19 – the 8th anniversary of the U.S.-led “shock and awe” attack on the cradle of civilization -- to demand an immediate end to the futile and shameful wars on Afghanistan and Iraq which are driving our nation into moral and financial bankruptcy. The rally, which begins at noon, will take place at the corner of U.S. Highway 441 (Pine Street) and Southwest 17th Street in Ocala.

War is an economic as well as a moral issue. Our military adventurism has ruined our economy, crippled the future of our young people and enriched only the top one percent of our population. While our middle class now protests increasing infringements on our rights, each of us needs to act on behalf of those without voice – our young, our poor and our elderly, who see only privation looming as jobs cease to exist and the relatively small resources of retirees are systematically looted. Meanwhile our share of the national debt increases daily. Each of us now owes our creditors a shade under $46,000 while our hungry and homeless grow in number and our cities fall apart. We continue, however, to spend more on our military than do the next 15 nations combined.

Speak up for the common good, common sense and the golden rule. Join us on the street, in the newspapers and on the web. E-mail MarionsforPeace@gmail.com or call 352-873-9970 for more information.

Delphine Herbert