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Volunteer Recognition Award

By Rog Patterson

Board prexy Joe Raffony introduced them as “Jingle,” the man, and “Bells,” his wife, during June Homeowner’s Forum, but somehow forgot to mention the connection; both are ding-a-lings for the Salvation Army’s red kettle. Their community volunteer service includes active membership in Patrol, CERT and Sunshine, Set-Up, Dance and Christmas Decoration committees. You always see them pitching in during breakfast, lunch and dinner events. In between, they find time to stay in shape on the bocce ball and shuffleboard courts, as well as participating in our Senior Games. Residents like Jim and Ginny Dillon help keep your Marion Landing address as the great place it is to call home.


Memorial Day at Marion Landing

Between volunteers rounded up by Frank Szutar, George Taragna and Joe Raffony, we had almost non-stop Memorial Day activities at Marion Landing. The morning saw our veterans marching to the Lifestyle Center where a commemorative service included placing the traditional wreath before the program continued indoors. That afternoon kicked off the annual Memorial Day Dinner and appropriate presentations. Altogether a fine salute to those who made our celebrating Memorial Day possible.

Jack’s real bean stalk?

Fred and Mary Ebli planted a small “cactus thingie” in front of their new Marion Landing home 11 years ago. The leaves got bigger and bigger over the years and became identifiable as a Century plant, but nothing else happened, until a few weeks ago. It suddenly decided to bloom and the blossom rose into the sky several inches a day. According to Mary, “You could almost see it growing.” Neighbor Neil Williams has also been taking day-by-day photos, so maybe we’ll see his resulting slide show, if it ever stops blooming.

Library finds

Shelving books in our Lifestyle Center library is a weekly reminder of how diversified this community collection of reading matter actually is. Other than mysteries and romance novels, there’s so much more to be found in shelf sections for biographies, true crime, large print, Westerns and even a helpful mishmash of reference and research volumes, all kept tidy and orderly by Dianne Kmoch’s team of shelvers.

Just last week, I ran across several good examples of the eclectic titles our residents have contributed. How about “The American Steam Locomotive,” or the “America Sign Language Dictionary” and even “Build It Yourself Homestead”? But my favorite find was the “Complete Guide to Beer Can Collecting.”

Remember, the Lifestyle Center library is expected to be closed during July and August, so better load up on your summer reading, right now.

New Services Binder

Now that the hallway bulletin board is restricted to resident’s 3” x 5” Want Ad cards, there’s a new Business Services Binder in the library. It contains business cards, advertisements and material related to home care, grounds maintenance, real estate agencies and other information. I can’t tell whether it’s available to both residents and non-residents alike, but you’ll find it atop the cabinet just inside the library door on your right. And next to it should also be a binder containing restaurant menus. These have been thoughtfully arranged east and west of I-75.

Help Wanted

As you’ve read in The Communicator, all activities normally held in the Lifestyle Center have either been cancelled or relocated “for the duration.” Summer months without our snow birds are usually pretty quiet anyway. So now is a great time to suggest subjects or topics for this column you feel I may have neglected or just not been aware of. You can forward these and other ideas to my attention at editor@smcitizen.com.

Meanwhile, you may still be able to get on board the June 24 greeting card class before all creative classes shut down for the redecoration process. Pam will be working on alternative activities and has lined up a field trip with lunch. Liz Herrick has been assured The Communicator will publish both July and August editions to keep us on top of what’s going on in Marion Landing. And I believe both June and July birthday boys and girls will be fêted on Saturday, June 26. While bowling will be suspended during Lifestyle Center redecoration, the resident’s mailbox will be relocated to the Bowling Center for the duration. We may also get some sort of progress report during the Fourth of July picnic on July 3, too.

Did You Know?

Did you know top fuel dragsters reach 300 miles per hour before you can complete reading the sentence?