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Singing Waiters, too, at Landing birthday bash

By Rog Patterson

The last Saturday in June found several dozen resident lads and lassies born during June or July being feted at our S&R Committee’s monthly birthday bash before redecoration shuts down the Lifestyle Center for two months. This committee keeps coming up with unique and wonderful entertainment for these monthly birthday parties and this natal day celebration was no exception. Everyone enjoyed the songs and services of Singing Waiters extraordinaire; Bob Fink, Gordon Herrick, Bob McGrath, Charlie Mock, Karl Petersen, Jim Pohlers, Les Rowe and Bob West. This jolly octet, cajoled and prodded into sweet harmony by Gentleman Jim Pohlers, had all those golden oldies down pat for a grand afternoon’s sing-along.


Big Red Bus July 24

Even though our Lifestyle Center will be closed this month, the need for blood donations goes on and on. So the Big Red Bus will be in our parking lot on July 24. Pat Wurst would like to remind you that walk-ins will be most welcome on that big day.

4th picnic on the 3rd

Our 4th of July Picnic on July 3rd continued to be a popular way to celebrate the Firecracker Weekend enjoying a splendid sit-down meal among friends.

Appropriate hot dogs and hamburgers, served up with all the trimmings plus refreshments, were augmented by our neighbor’s delicious salads and devilled eggs, seemingly endless hot and cold side dishes with a finishing touch of those yummy Deconna ice cream sundaes. And that was the final curtain on Lifestlye Center activities until rejuvenation results are unveiled to us in six or eight weeks.

Newest Tennessee Squire

Our newest Tennessee Squire is Joe Raffony, who has been accepted as a life member of the “Society for the Preservation of Early American Art.” Squire Raffony also became the unrecorded owner of prime real estate in “The Hollow” at Lynchburg, Tennessee. Congratulations, Joe!

Been looking for Pam?

In case you’re looking for Activities Director, Pam, she’s been holding forth from Eric’s former office in the Bowling Alley building. First door on your left, that is, until Lifestyle Center redeco allows her return to former digs.

Rainy season tip

Now that our summer rainy season has arrived, I’ve been looking forward to trying an e-mail tip received recently. If you’re driving in heavy rain, instead of cranking up your windshield wiper speed, put on a pair of sunglasses. The tip says any kind or any color of sunglasses will let you see ahead clearly. Rain drops on the windshield will be seen, but the blur of splashes and spray should disappear. I’ve tried it with tan lenses…works for me.

Did you know?

More than 20 percent of the entire world’s oxygen supply is produced from the Amazon rainforest. So much water from the Amazon River flows into the Atlantic that you can still dip fresh water from the ocean 100 miles beyond the river’s mouth. The Amazon’s volume of water is greater than that of the world’s next eight largest rivers combined. It’s also three times as much as the amount of water flowing from all rivers in the United States.