Marion Lander is honorary Kiwanian

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By Rog Patterson

Your neighbor, Nancy Rife, was the staunch supporter of hubby, Galen, all through his Kiwanis career. With Nancy’s backing every step of the journey, Galen participated in any and all programs Friendship Kiwanis club launched and rose to presidency.

Since Galen’s passing, Nancy has continued his Kiwanis presence by participating in the club’s annual yard sale, ringing the Salvation Army kettle bell, and otherwise being on hand to help when needed. The Friendship Kiwanis club recognized Nancy Rife’s zeal by inducting her as an Honorary Member at their Jan. 28 meeting.

Florida Division Lt. Gov. Jack Cristwell participated in the ceremony and added his congratulations.

February VoM

This month’s recognition goes to a couple who moved to Marion Landing some eight years ago and immediately offered their time and skills wherever needed. Both John and Lorraine Moran are members of our community’s Patrol, CERT and Search teams, as well as volunteers for community breakfasts, lunches and dinners, socials and you name it.

Lorraine is a member of the Sunshine Committee and works at Memorial Lunches. John is current Patrol treasurer, Board of Directors treasurer and is Board liaison to both Architectural Control and Finance committees.

We’re indeed lucky to have Marion Landing neighbors like John and Lorraine.

Document Committee

Our Marion Landing Document Committee was formed 1½ years ago by the Board of Directors as a means of assuring appropriate and orderly changes in community documents. DC projects can be triggered by changes in state statutes, federal laws, our Board of Directors or management company, and yes, even by individual Marion Landing homeowner requests.

The current exercise involved the DC’s need to bring our covenants into agreement with changes in Florida State Statute 720.3035. Essentially, it requires that all responsibilities of homeowners association residents be spelled out in detail.

While most of the subjects were already included in the original covenants, abiding by the statute prompted modifications or, in some cases, complete revisions. The process included a draft of any changes proposed, obtaining preliminary approval of proposed changes by our Board of Directors, having approved changes reviewed and further okayed by our attorney and, finally, obtaining the final vote of approval by home owners.

Four of the six revisions requiring resident-voted approval at last week’s special meeting to enable our Board’s implementation of the Architectural Control Committee’s proposed Design Guidelines. Clarification of leasing rules was recommended by our management company, and vehicle parking specifications were suggested by a homeowner.

Bear in mind, the community covenant is just one of several documents being utilized to assure harmony and tranquility among our neighbors. We also have our articles of incorporation, bylaws, rules and regulations, and are looking forward to the ACC’s Design Guidelines.

So our Design Committee is likely to enjoy job security with opportunities to adjust these and perhaps other important community road maps, assuring Marion Landing continues to be the great address it is.

Computer Club

Community Service

A dramatic demonstration of Marion Landing Computer Club’s community contributions was recently demonstrated by the rapid dissemination, via their Marion Landing Web site, of Design Guidelines text drafted by the ACC in a matter of hours. Any Marion Landing resident with access to a computer was able to read the entire proposed text the same day.

MLCC president Jim Whitehead expedited this initiative to satisfy the concerns of residents who had not attended the workshop at which Board member John Moran read the proposed document.

Mah-jongg Tournament

Sixteen Marion Landers gathered Jan. 30 for a mah-jongg tournament organized by Carolyn Salzlein. They played eight games in the morning and eight games in the afternoon, switching tables after every four games.

Everyone brought a salad that was enjoyed by all at the noon break. Coffee was made by Fran Szutar and Lorraine DeMaux.

First place was taken by the only male in the group,

The only man, Art Salzlein, was first. Martha Neirenberg was second and Dotty Sylvester third.

Submitted by Rita Woch.

Paula’s Unretired

Her many friends will not be surprised to learn former Marion Landing activities director, Paula Roach, has come out of retirement. Her “retirement” community’s newspaper announced Paula’s appointment as director for The Good Samaritan Center of Loudon, Tennessee. Paula’s comment, “I am eager to begin exploring and developing new fundraising avenues for the center and contributing in its success,” was quoted in the Loudon News-Herald front page article.

Did You Know?

Here’s one for Buckeye readers to ponder. My source claims there are no natural lakes in the state of Ohio – every one is manmade. I presume that’s based on Lake Erie being next to Ohio – rather than in Ohio. Maybe we’ll hear otherwise.

Rog Patterson is a Marion Landing resident and Friendship Kiwanis Club member. Contact him with news for the column, he’s in the Landing phone directory.