Marion County Sheriff's reports

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Two shirts taken at Beall's

By Jim Clark

Two men were given notices to appear on March 2 after they were allegedly observed taking two shirts from Beall’s.

According to a report from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Matthew Scott Seiler, 20, Northeast 70th Street, and Clifford Woodrow Boseman III, 22, of Southeast 58th Court, Summerfield, took the shirts from the store off State Road 200 near County Road 484 on March 2. They were detained by the loss presevention officer at the store.

3 A 33-year-old Ocala man was accused of driving without a valid license after his vehicle was stopped for having window tint that was too dark. When the deputy asked the driver for his license and registration, he could only produce a passport and Mexican ID card.

Sergio F. Zamano of Southwest 45th Avenue had his license suspended in 2006 for DUI for one year, but it apparently was never reinstated.

3 A building on an auto sales lot was burglarized and electronic equipment stolen. Mace Motors Auto Sales on Southwest 105th Street was illegal entered March 1-2 and items were taken. No arrests were made.