Marion County Sheriff's reports

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Equipment thefts continue along Corridor

By Jim Clark

An incident report from the Southwest office of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office has a familiar ring. Similar crimes have occurred in the area recently.

On Sept. 24, a utility trailer in the Walmart parking lot was entered and a Stihl brand pole saw, valued at $800, was taken. Deputy John Rawls investigated.

There have been other tool and construction thefts in the past month.

In another case, on Oct. 3 at approximately 6:30 p.m., a woman put her purse in a shopping cart at Walmart, unloaded her packages into her vehicle, and left, evidently forgetting the purse. She realized later that evening that she had forgotten the purse and returned to the store.

She discovered that someone had turned her purse in to the store, but approximately $400 in cash was taken. Deputy Jeremiah Jones investigated.

Deputies are investigating a burglary at a mobile home park on Southwest 38th Avenue. On Sept. 28, someone forcibly entered a home by tampering with the window locks and entering a bedroom. A laptop and 21-inch television were missing.

Deputy Timothy Ogletree investigated.

A Dunnellon couple were accused to retail theft at Walmart on Oct. 2.

Luther L. Lapole, 36, of Southwest 155th Street, Dunnellon, was accused of retail petit theft and was issued a trespass warning.

Laura J. Lapole, 31, of the same address, was given a notice to appear for retail theft.

According to the report, the couple went through the self-checkout lane with $119.64 worth of items but only paid $44.93.

Deputy John Gernert investigated.

Two young women were given notices to appear for retail petit theft after allegedly taking infant items from Walmart. Charges were filed against Olga Marie Alicea, 18, of Larch Drive, Ocala, and Audrey Autumn Gomillion, 20, of Southeast 130th Place, Belleview.

Deputy Milton Manchester investigated.

Two women were given notices to appear for retail petit theft after allegedly taking items from women’s, infant’s and men’s clothing at Walmart on Sept. 29. Joy L. Thomas, 22, of Northeast 23rd Court, Ocala, and Brittany Latonya Adams, 20, of Northwest 4th Street, Ocala, were charged at the store.

Deputy John Gernert investigated.