Marion County Sheriff's reports

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Case of missing clams is solved

By Jim Clark

According to a report from the Marion County Sheriff's Office, Rande G. Gavette, 59, of Marion Oaks Trail, was arrested for retail grand theft after an investigation by the Publix in Canopy Oak.

The report states that the store was having a problem with clams being ordered in large numbers, arriving at the store and then disappearing. The clams never showed up as being sold, but were in the inventory and were gone.

The assistant store manager asked for help from the seafood manager, and got it when he got a report that 100 pounds of clams had been ordered again by Gavette. When he came in to pick up the clams, the store official watched him. He was there along with his wife, but his wife went out one door and he went out the other, allegedly without paying for them. He was detained and was brought back into the store.

When the deputy made contact, the report states that Gavette told him that “he knows what he did was wrong and he should have paid for the groceries. The defendant stated he is living on Social Security and times are tough.

The value was $357.26.

His wife told another deputy that she had gone ahead to their car and didn't know he wasn't paying for the clams. The deputy also noticed a tattoo on the leg of Gavette and questioned him about when he got it, and he allegedly said that he just got it and paid $50 for it. The deputy told him that if he could pay for the tattoo, he could pay for the groceries, and the suspect agreed.

He was arrested and taken to the county jail.

Both he and his wife were given trespass warnings so they can't go back to that store again.

In other reports:

A 54-year-old local man was accused of retail petit theft after he allegedly stole a digital camera and two packs of rechargeable batteries at Wal-Mart.

Gerald Barresi of Southwest 27th Avenue reportedly told officials he wanted to give the camera to a friend as a gift.

A Summerfield woman was accused of DUI after being stopped on County Road 484, west of State Road 200. She told a deputy she was headed home, but was going west toward Dunnellon when she was stopped.

Jessica Skye Vansant, 35, recorded breath tests of .182 and .184. She had a previous DUI conviction in 2000.