Marion County Sheriff's reports

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Boy calls 911 when he can't awaken parents

By Jim Clark

The parents of a 6-year-old boy, who called 911 when he couldn’t wake his parents, were arrested for child neglect when deputies found both adults passed out at their home.

Michael Patrick and Nicole Patrick of Southwest 88th Place in Majestic Oaks had to be awakened by deputies and medical personnel.

The boy said his parents were lying on the floor. When deputies arrived they found Michael, 42, in bed on his back in the master bedroom. According to the report, once awakened by Fire Rescue, he had difficulty standing, slurred speech and pinpoint pupils. He said he has back problems and was prescribed two medications, which he was able to produce prescription bottles for. He also said he had consumed one alcoholic/malt beverage.

The mother, 39, was on the floor in the kitchen in a puddle of milk, covered with a blanket. The boy said he had poured milk on her to try to wake her up. She also, according to the report, had slurred speech, pinpoint pupils and was disoriented. She said she was taking a prescription Lortab, but could not produce evidence of the prescription. Deputies said that during the interview, she had a hard time staying awake.

According to reports, the neighbors had seen the boy outside on “more than one occasion” unsupervised at 6 and 7 in the morning. They also said they rarely saw the mother outside except when she was going somewhere.

This same boy was the victim in a December 2009 case where a 35-inch television fell on him. At that time, he was airlifted to Shands for head trauma and reportedly has steel plates in his head.

The boy was turned over to his grandfather and the parents were arrested and taken to jail. Each was released on $2,000 bond within hours of being booked, according to jail records.

A Lake Worth man was arrested for DUI after being warned not to drive. Mark Erik Lassila, 42, was at an auction house when a deputy spotted him sitting at a table. He agreed not to drive and contacted a taxi to take him to a nearby hotel. According to the report, he was very unsteady on his feet and had a strong odor of intoxicating beverage on his breath.

About 20 minutes later, he “staggered through the front gate,” according to the report. The deputy made contact and told him he was not to be at the auction that day and warned him if he drove he would be stopped for DUI. He said he would walk back to the hotel.

About five minutes later, the deputy observed Lassila enter his vehicle and back out of the parking space. A traffic stop was then conducted on Northwest 38th Avenue, and Lassila reportedly failed the field sobriety test. He was arrested, and at the jail his breath results were .240 and .244, three times the legal limit.

A Dunnellon woman was accused of retail petit theft at Walmart. She was allegedly observed taking cosmetic products and putting them in her purse, and then attempted to leave the store. Rachel Marie Manning, 19, of East Seminole Lane, was booked at the jail and later released on $500 bond.