Marion County Sheriff's Reports for 10-07-2011

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Woman grounds suspect seeking an alibi

By Jim Clark

An Ocala woman took down a robbery suspect who tried to give her money to provide him an alibi.
The attempted robbery took place on the evening of Oct. 3 near 25th Avenue, when the victim told investigators he was walking away from an ATM and toward his car.
The victim said a man later identified as John Ashua Meekin, 25, of Ocala, approached and asked for money. The victim said he didn’t have any money and Meekin pulled out a pistol and pointed it at the victim, who then put his car into gear and sped off.
“The victim pulled away, far enough to watch Meekin take off on a bicycle,” said Judge Cochran, Marion County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer.
The victim was on the phone with 911 and following Meekin who went down a dead end street. Meekin turned and shot twice at the victim and then Meekin ran into nearby woods. A witness told investigators she was watching the sheriff’s office cars going up and down the road, when she was approached by Meekin.
“Meekin apparently offered the witness one hundred dollars to say that he was with her and the other people nearby,” Cochran said. The witness told Meekin no.
“Meekin then lunged at the witness and she took Meekin to the ground and flagged down a deputy,” Cochran said.
Meekin was arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail with a bond of $50,000.

Store burglary
Marion County Sheriff’s Office detectives need your help to identify and catch two suspects caught on tape stealing thousands in merchandise and cash. This burglary happened around 11 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 28, at the Kwik King, 6701 S.W. Highway 200, Ocala.
In the video you can see two men inside the store. Suspect #1: Wearing a black T-shirt, dark shorts, dark sneakers and hiding his face with a paintball mask.
He has a tattoo on his right leg and right arm. Suspect #2: Wearing a ball cap, a black tank top T-shirt, jean shorts, light colored socks, and ankle-high light colored sneakers. He appears to be heavy set, a mustache and possibly a gray goatee and he might be wearing glasses.
Among the many items stolen were cigarettes and tobacco items. If you know anything about this burglary or you recognize the two suspects, call Crime Stoppers at 352-368-7867. You could earn up to $1,000 for your information. Or call the lead detective on the case, Ed Mobley at 352-402-6081.

Other reports
Petit theft at retail stores occupied deputies during the previous week.
Ursula Yvette Fletcher, 40, of Inverness, was accused of retail theft and resisting a merchant, after she allegedly took men’s clothing and placed it in a store bag. The loss prevention officer recognized her from a previous incident at the same store and she was also arrested for petit theft on that charge.
Beth W. Bartlette, 50, of Southwest 129th Lane, was given a notice to appear for retail petit theft after she allegedly took a pair of new tennis shoes from Beall’s, put them on and put her old shoes back in the box.
Marion Enrique Rivera, 30, of Gainesville, was accused of retail petit theft after he allegedly took sweat pants and a shirt from Walmart.