Marion County Sheriff's Reports for 1-27-2012

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Magazine 'salsman' faces pot charge

By Jim Clark

A man who said he was in the area to sell magazines was accused of misdemeanor possession of marijuana after he was checked by a deputy near an empty store in Friendship Center.
Deputies stopped Laron D. Richardson, 22, of the Panhandle city of Baker, and a North Carolina man who was with him. The men said they were trying to sell magazines in the neighborhood. A pocket knife was seen clipped to Richardson’s pocket, and he was asked to empty his pockets. In doing so, a small bag of what later proved to be marijuana was taken out.
He was taken into custody. The North Carolina man was not arrested.
Jaclyn Corin Ericson, 18, of Ocala and Maite Isabel Torres-Martinez, 19, of Huron, South Dakota are both accused of attempted armed robbery. Around 11:30 a.m., Tuesday, January 17, in the parking lot of Winn Dixie, 4417 N.W. Blitchton Road, Ocala, the victim was putting groceries in her truck. The victim told detectives, Torres-Martinez grabbed the victim’s purse from the shopping cart.
The victim and Torres-Martinez struggled for nearly a minute over the purse. During that time, Torres-Martinez reportedly told the victim “I have a knife. I cut you.” Torres-Martinez did show the victim the knife. The victim was able to get away with her purse. The suspects took off in a four-door maroon car. A second witness was able to give detectives a description of the suspects.
Wednesday, Jan. 18, detectives were canvassing the area near the incident, when the maroon car (with two females inside) drove by. The females matched the descriptions of the suspects from the attempted armed robbery. MCSO stopped the vehicle and during the interview, the suspects allegedly admitted to the crime.
Ericson and Torres-Martinez each have a bond of $50,000.