Marion County Sheriff's Reports 07-01-2011

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Suspicious car in park leads to weapons arrest

By Jim Clark

A check of a vehicle in a closed park resulted in the arrest of a 19-year-old and the discovery of a stolen weapon.

On June 21, after hours when Liberty Park was closed, deputies observed a couple sitting in the back seat of a vehicle. One deputy made contact with the man and asked for ID and registration, and the man got out of the car. He reached into the car to get the registration from the glove box, but appeared to be trying to hide something in the door pocket of the driver’s door, according to the report.

The deputy spotted the gun and moved the suspect, James Lee Spencer Jr., of Northwest 45th Place, away from the car.

Spencer allegedly told the deputies that he did not have a concealed weapon permit, but told deputies he “found” the gun, a Bersa 380 caliber semi-automatic. The chamber was empty but there was a magazine inserted which contained six live round of ammunition.

During the investigation, deputies learned that the gun had been stolen in Columbia, S.C.

Spencer, who is listed as an employee of Walgreens in Marion Oaks, was charged with carrying a concealed firearm.

The female with him was released.