Marion County Sheriff's Reports 06-24-2011

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Burglar just wanted a place to sleep

By Jim Clark

A 47-year old man was arrested for residential burglary and petit theft after he was found in an unoccupied house.

Eugene Bradford Weir was discovered hiding in a bathroom in a house owned by Live Oak Stud Farm on Southwest 31st Street by the farm’s property manager, who called deputies. The suspect told the manager that he was homeless and needed a place to sleep. The manager was checking residences because of a burglary at another location.

In what was described as a “spontaneous outburst” to the investigating deputy, Weir said he wanted to go to jail as he had nowhere to go. He further stated, according to the report, that he had watched the “swimming pool lady” clean the pool and when she left, he found the key and let himself in.

According to the report, he went on to say he found three steaks in the refrigerator, cooked them along with rice and beans, and ate most of it. He also stated he drank some liquor and washed his clothing.

The resident is in Austria and could not be reached to confirm what was stolen or consumed.

The deputy said Weir told him he had been doing the same type of crime since last October, and that in order not to be discovered he “meticulously” cleans up the residence before leaving so no one knows he was there.

He was arrested and taken to jail without incident. He was also issued a trespass warning for Live Oak Stud Farm and all of its properties in the surrounding area.

Tyler Clinton Wood, 18, of Southwest 100th Lane, Dunnellon, was given a notice to appear for retail petit theft after he allegedly wore an old pair of shoes into Beall’s, switched them for a new pair, then left the store without paying the $80 bill.

Nicole Emily Gadow, 30, of Southwest 90th Loop, was accused of DUI after she was stopped in the 10000 block of Southwest 62nd Avenue Road for failing to stay in a single lain. After her arrest, her alcohol level was measured at .188 and .186. Legal limit in Florida is .08.

Domitilo Pitti, 55, of Southwest 95th Avenue Road, was accused of DUI after he was stopped for failing to stay in a single lane. Despite the implied consent law, he refused to give a breath sample after reportedly failing a field sobriety test.

Patrick W. Hennig, 49, of Jacksonville, was accused of DUI after he was stopped for nearly causing an accident with a deputy by suddenly stopping at a green light on State Road 200. At the jail, he gave a breath sample, which was negative, and gave a urine sample. He advised that he takes several medications.