Marion County Sheriff's Reports 06-10-2011

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Illegal commercial dumping charged

An employee of a carpet cleaning company was accused of felony commercial dumping after he was arrested on June 3.

Travis Blake Overly, 25, of Southeast 33rd Court, was accused after a deputy responded to Hilton Automotive, 9055 S.W. State Road 200. An eyewitness said he saw a white van pull onto the property and into one of the car wash stalls. The side of the van was marked “Allred’s Performance Plus Carpet Cleaning.” The witness said he saw the driver activate a handle on the van and saw liquid contents empty from the van into the stall drain.

The witness advised that the business holding tanks are a reclaiming system, calibrated for the business chemicals only. Any adulteration of the system, he said, requires a cleanup of up to $2,000.

The witness spoke to Overly as he was trying to drive away. He allegedly said he dumped 10 to 20 gallons of chemical waste from a recent carpet cleaning job nearby.

The deputy made the arrest and took Overly to jail, where he was issued a criminal citation for felony commercial dumping.

An Ocala man was accused of DUI after an incident at the BP station at State Road 200 and 103rd Street Road.

Richard Stephen Dipesa, 66, of Southwest 102nd Street, was arrested on June 6 shortly before 8 p.m.

According to the report, a couple called the Sheriff’s Office and reported a burgundy Ford Explorer was being driven erratically, swerving and stopping in the middle of the road. The couple followed the vehicle into the gas station, where the vehicle was driven in a circle and stopped in the middle of the lot.

Upon arrival, the deputy saw the man have difficulty get into the vehicle, and backed it up to the gas pumps. He made the traffic stop and conducted field sobriety exercises, which Dipesa allegedly failed. He was placed under arrest and taken to jail, where his breath was measure at .184 and .193, more than twice the legal limit.

Priscilla Melina Martinez, 20, and Brian Juelz Joseph, 22, both of Brooklyn, N.Y., are in the Marion County Jail. Both, parents of 10-week old twins, are facing two counts of child abuse and/or neglect. Neither suspect has a bond.
In late May of this year the babies’ grandmother urged Martinez to take the infants to the hospital. A child protection team, along with doctors, conducted full skeletal surveys of the twins. The number of acute fractures are allegedly too many to list, according to a Sheriff’s release. As a result of these findings, the twins are sheltered by the Department of Children and Families.
Marion County Sheriff’s Office Investigators then found Martinez and Joseph who are visiting the infants’ grandmother in Marion County. Investigators gained additional evidence along with the medical information and those details led to the arrests of Martinez and Joseph.