Marion County Sheriff's Reports 05-20-2011

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Woman jailed for shoplifting at Winn Dixie

An Ocala woman was arrested for felony retail theft on May 10 after she allegedly stole several items from Winn-Dixie in Friendship Center.

Janice Ponder, 46, of Northwest 22nd Avenue, allegedly took some Winn-Dixie bags into the store and filled them with items from the shelves. When she checked out, she only paid for some potato chips.

The total value of items she did not pay for came to $281.77, and included two 18 packs of beer, five steaks, three ribs, three packs of bacon, laundry soap, disposable diapers, toilet tissue and a bag of dog food.

Because she had prior theft convictions, she was arrested for felony retail theft.