Make your vote count

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Letter to the editor by Wayne Rackley

By Wayne Rackley

I can’t remember a time when a current election means more than this one,therefore it is your responsibility to vote Tuesday for the candidates of your choice. These primaries are extremely important because they give us the men and women who will represent the respective parties in November. We must be able to decipher who best represents our own personal values, including who will have the best chance to ultimately win in the general election. Unfortunately, a lot of the campaigns have been so negative they have turned many citizens off to the point they may not even vote. It has been reported that only about 15 percent voted in the last primary elections and that is inexcusable! If you don’t vote in the primaries you have no right to complain about your party’s candidate in November.

Next Monday night is your last chance to get the “Tea Party” report card for the different candidates running for the various positions if you haven’t already done so. You need to know the candidates in our local contests as well as the national ones. In fact, they sometimes have more direct influence/impact on our lives than the national representatives.

Given the results of these primaries, we will go into the most important general election of my lifetime. We will decide on what America we want for our children, do we value our Constitution, individual and fiscal responsibility, understanding what “illegal” means, and also what part do we want God to have in America’s future. Do we approve of the direction we are headed? I believe and pray the vast majority of us do not! Conservatives will win big in November, count on it!

Wayne Rackley