Make a turn lane 02-18-2011

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

Some day, somehow, 80th Avenue will be widened between OTOW and State Road 40.

Until then, though, there’s something else that needs fixing a lot sooner.

When you are northbound on 80th, and you want to make the left turn into Sholom Park, there is no left turn lane. There is little advance warning of the turn coming up, so if you’re going 55 mph, which is the speed limit, and you suddenly see the sign, you risk getting rear-ended.

We fail to understand how this park was built without putting a left-turn lane on the road for northbound traffic, and a feed lane for southbound traffic. At any rate, that situation needs to be corrected before there’s a serious accident in that area.

Sholom Park is a beautiful asset to the area. Whether you want to just sit quietly or walk the trails, or maybe relax and eat lunch, it’s a great place to visit. But the county needs to make it safer for those who are attempting to visit there. We hope the traffic people will take notice.