Love is more than ‘lip service’

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By Ingrid Crane

“Faith, hope and love …” said St. Paul. Accordingly, I believe we can. I have great hope for the future and above all else, I am love. (Remember, as we think, so we become.) It’s a bright new day and people are seeing the world with new eyes, choosing to see beauty and harmony.

The word “love” is thrown around very casually, yet it rarely has any depth. It’s often just lip service. We say we love but we’re delusional. We’re angry, irritated and unforgiving and these emotions are eating us up as we hold onto rigid patterns of behavior.

To love is to serve, selflessly, whether you’re working in a soup kitchen or being a partner or a parent. It’s all about relationship, and we are all related.

February is the month of love and this is the focus of my morning meditation: kindness, respect and acceptance. I ask for “grace” (defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “divine regenerating, inspiring and strengthening influence”) and I am grateful for the blessings I receive.

As praise, I practice mantra repetition or silent chanting throughout the day, which I believe brings healing to the planet and anchors me in the present moment. To quote Corita Kent: “Love the moment and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.”

This was somewhat of a New Year’s resolution – to be gentle. After all, how dignified is yelling at your mate? I include in the equation being gentle with myself, as I berate myself for “screwing up” in some way.

I am grateful for the lesson and the opportunity to be more mindful in the future. Love the imperfections.

Read the sayings of the wise; study scripture. These uplifting messages reconnect us with our essence, our true nature – love. May the entire universe be filled with peace, joy, love and light and may the light of truth dispel ignorance.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love with all your heart.

Ingrid Crane practices yoga, Thai massage and Reiki and can be reached at 854-7950.