Loss of memory

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Letter to the editor by John Toner

How can the Tea Party members rant and rave and blame this administration for all of today's problems?

How can they lose their memory, stick their heads in the sand and ignore the state our country was in on January 2008.

Bush 2 was handed a $230 billion surplus from Clinton, Bush spent that $230, plus, and handed Obama $ 1 trillion deficit, how can all this be forgotten so quickly? How would you like to take over a company with a $1 Trillion deficit?

Bush started the war in Iraq on a bunch of lies and did not pay for it, then got us into Afghanistan, he cut taxes for the rich and created no jobs, he reduced controls on the oil drilling industries contributing to the massive spill, reduced controls on the financial institutions that caused all our financial problems, the worst since 1929.

Today unemployment is down, the stock market is up, and houses are under construction again, right here in Ocala.

John Toner