Look for the facts

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Letter to the editor by Wayne Rackley

If we look at every area of government we can see the media does not report favorably on actions that support conservative causes. Even worse is too often we seniors don’t get all the information needed before we judge their plans, making decisions without getting all the facts.

A perfect example is the negative reaction to the Ryan/Republican proposal for changes to Medicare. All the fears you have about their proposal are not valid and are the result of fear tactics. No one will be hurt with these recommendations and they won’t even affect anyone age 55 or older. In fact, the Obama plan will harm a lot of people but you don’t read about these negatives in the media. Please get all the facts before making your decision on the best plan. Don’t be like congress who passed Obama Care while admitting they haven’t even read the bill.

Look at facts regarding Obama attending the G-20 summit. His entourage arrived with 500 staff members including 200 secret service agents, six doctors, the White House chef and kitchen staff. According to their Evening Standard, he had 35 vehicles, four speech writers, 12 teleprompters, Air Force One, Marine One, and a fleet of decoys to transport them to central London. He is entitled to maximum security and support but shouldn’t he present a more humble presence rather than make an entrance unmatched by anyone else? Apparently the British press was not impressed by this display, but no word from our media, what if it had been President Bush?

On a State level, Gov. Scott is blasted for making spending cuts even though we have no choice or face bankruptcy. He promised jobs and is working to attract more business to Florida. This will mean Private sector jobs, not the public sector!

Rather than blasting Scott for making tough decisions, I invite his attackers to share their plans on specifically how they would solve our financial crisis. Some seem to know every detail of his spending cuts and quickly criticize them but never state exactly what they would do if they were the decision maker. Scott can’t create jobs overnight, but he is a business man and knows how to bring new private businesses to Florida. We should withhold negative judgment until he has time to develop his plans.

I am looking forward to hearing liberals’ plans on just what they would do, what cuts they would make, and if they would raise our taxes, which ones, how much, etc.

This response should be very interesting and I can’t wait to hear their plans.

God bless our country and state.

Wayne Rackley