Local woman turns 100

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Ann Davis celebrates

By Michel Northsea

“The best part of me is my mind,”’ said Ann Davis, one day before her 100th birthday.
Davis got an early start on celebrating her special day when her friends at Shear Joy surprised her with a birthday cake.
She contributes playing games of mah jongg, pinochle, hand and foot and dominos every week as a reason why she still sharp as a tack.
Age has left her with macular degeneration, hard of hearing and with some arthritis but no major ailments.
Davis figures she really hasn’t done anything different than other people when asked what she credits for living to 100. She enjoys lobster and a good dessert on occasion.
She even smoked for 40 years before quitting cold turkey in 1973. Davis quit smoking when she found herself out of breath as she walked up a hill one day.
Born Antoinette Anzalone, Davis was conceived in America but born in Italy. Her father was Italian and her mother American. While Davis’s mother was pregnant she traveled by boat to Italy to meet her in-laws. Her husband didn’t make the trip. Months later the mother and her daughter returned to Connecticut where she enjoyed a “nice childhood.”
At 19 years old she married Chesley Davis and had two daughters.
Davis worked for 42 years with the Ladies Garment Union making everything from housedresses to suits.
“It’s terrible was has happened to the garment industry. Everything is made in China now and nothing fits right. If you were a certain size, clothes in that size would fit you,” she said, noting those days are gone.
Thirteen years ago she moved to live with her daughter June Tassinary in On Top of the World.
Throughout her life Davis said she has reason “to think a lot of worries” and many times she found life was a struggle.
One struggle she faced was giving up her driver’s license. She voluntary stopped driving at age 98 because she didn’t want to cause problems for anyone. She had first started driving in 1930.
Following the singing of Happy Birthday and eating of cake, Davis got her hair done – just as she has done for years.
“She a sweet lady,” said Leigh Massey, her hairdresser.