Little Theatre group set for upcoming performance

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By Rog Patterson

Hope you’ve gotten your tickets for our Little Theatre Group’s upcoming performance on March 21. This Donna Taylor production reminds us what it was like last time you and I tried to recognize our classmates from 50 years ago and dodge being one-upped by their success stories along the way.

We have a problem

with issues

The whole world, except for Bill Wurst, seems to have replaced the word … and meaning of … problem, with the word, issue. Bill still refers to a problem as a problem, but to many others all problems have not so gradually become issues. Does that bother you a little bit, also?

My brand new “American Heritage College Dictionary” tells me an issue is “A point or matter of discussion, debate or dispute,” while a problem is “A situation, matter or person that presents perplexity or difficulty”.

So I have a real problem with use of the word issue to describe something that is actually a problem.

No Senior Games for 2009

No 20th anniversary Marion Landing Senior Games this year? That’s right, no Senior Games after 19 consecutive years of fun and frolic. That’s because nobody was willing to share even tri-chairmanship.

Seems a shame none of the scores of residents who have enjoyed participating in so many of the 40 traditional events year after year after year would not step up to the plate and keep the ball rolling by volunteering themselves to oversee these games. The actual direction of each event would most likely have been conducted in their behalf by the tried-and-true volunteer neighbors, anyway.

And now we learn enjoying coffee and pastries, traditionally served at our monthly forum and weekly socials, may also be among the endangered species. Service for March had to be rescued at the very last minute by you-know-who; the older residents “we can always count on” … where the hell are you newbies?

Computer Problems Solved

Here I thought I was on to something unique when I found Beverly Csizmadia’s computer help at bcsiz@hotmail.com really did solve all my computer problems. And for a tab I thought was more than reasonable.

Beverly even hooked up directly from her computer to mine and solved those nasty problems remotely without my having to disconnect and then try to reconnect all those ?@!$#% wires.

But it turned out that many members of our Marion Landing Computer Club already knew about Beverly’s expertise and several had enjoyed her solutions to their problems greater than mine. So I’ll just have to offer them permission to upstage me with their own recommendations of Beverly, as well.

Great Golfer’s Read

Hey, if you’re any kind of golfer at all, read “Open” by John Feinstein. It’s a wonderful insider’s story about preparing a beat-up state park golf course for the prestigious 2002 USGA Open. Also learn how player threesomes are selected? Who decides where the pins … oops, flag sticks … are placed each day? How can you get to be a course marshal?

Joe Stagliano loaned me a copy but, if he sent it back to his brother, you can ask Heather Ogilvy if Freedom Public Library can hustle up the book for you. It’s easily the most interesting story I’ve read in a long time and the subject public course will host the 2009 USGA Open.

Busy RedHot Tamales

According to Queen Mum Marie Napoleone, our Marion Landing RedHot Tamales have been pretty busy. After taking up a collection in memory of Vice Queen Mary Bently, perhaps better remembered by readers as a former author of this column, these ladies donated the proceeds to Hospice of Marion County.

Their next project is to provide needy Marion County children with stuffed animals.

Did you know?

Our eight Marion Landing neighbors from Minnesota might be thrilled to know the city of St. Paul was originally known as Pig’s Eye. That moniker was in recognition of Pierre “Pig’s Eye” Parrant, who operated that town’s very first business.

Rog Patterson is a Marion Landing resident and Friendship Kiwanis Club member. Contact him with news for the column, he’s in the Landing phone directory.