Letters to the editori 4-27-2012

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Cross Florida Barge Canal
Those of you who didn’t live here in Florida back in the 1960s as I did, won’t remember the controversy regarding the building of the Cross Florida Barge Canal. It was a great idea at the time and still is to this day. The reasons for not building were strictly political, with little foundation. It was a pity it didn’t happen.
Today, it’s being discussed again, and it’s even better now. Gas prices then were about 29 cents a gallon and fuel oil on a par with gas prices. Just think, with the “Canal,” it could knock off close to a week for shipping to get from major ports like Baltimore, New York, Savannah, and Charleston, S.C., to get to Gulf States such as Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and yes, the western part of Florida. Not only saving time but think of the cost of shipping products to the Gulf States. Shipping by sea has been proven to be the cheapest way to ship goods.
Of course cost is a factor but, that is rather insignificant. I don’t believe Florida should carry all the burden of building the canal. Other states and companies that would benefit from the “Canal,” could well help support the project. By the way this would not only be an advantage involving shipping from American ports, but from foreign ports as well. They said the Panama Canal couldn’t be built, but when the United States took over the project, we showed them what American ingenuity could do. Oh yes, did I forget to mention, jobs. Can you imagine the impact the “Canal” would have on the economy of not only Florida but the country?
Those of you who don’t remember the St. Lawrence Seaway, and the C & O Canal, should know what good they did, and have done for this country and our economy as well as for other countries as well.
Apparently property acquisition is not a problem, so why don’t we pressure the Legislature and the governor to get it done now, not 10 years from now. For the governor, who hasn’t done much in the way of progress for Florida, it could be a feather in his cap.
Speaking just for Florida, do you have any idea of the impact it would have on our economy? Wow! So, let’s get those dredges going and give a big Shout Out for Florida.
Bill Ford
Oak Run

Trash talking
Imagine a presidential candidate acting like a trash talking prize fighter or one of the pro wrestlers promoting an upcoming bout. Now that Mitt Romney is the Republican candidate, he is acting like the election is over. Just this week he said, “President Obama should start packing in the White House.”
He obviously has no respect for the presidential office and is totally lacking in any class. Then we had Ann Romney claim we should elect Mitt because “it is his turn.” That privilege only applies to the Royal Family, she may be confused, or maybe she really thinks the Romneys are royalty.
John Toner

Not so secret
I read in the paper that the Secret Service said no sensitive equipment was in the hotel rooms of these agents. If the president’s schedule showing times and places where he is going to appear and be available is not sensitive information, then these agents and military involved do not understand the importance of their positions.
To allow someone to retire before the investigation is completed is totally improper and sends the message that you can get away with anything if you can retire or resign to avoid consequences. How do we know that this recent retiree isn’t one of the ring leaders and involved in these types of sex parties with the possibility of drugs being involved?
We may never know who arranged the disgraceful actions of those involved in this scandal.
The professionalisms of these actions show that this was a well-planned and highly aggressive action with those at the top involved. These people involved should all be put in a leave without pay status and possibly imprisoned during this investigation to show the importance of how much this means to the Secret Service and our country.
I am not sure that we should even allow the Secret Service to investigate itself to come to a proper resolution. How much confidence can you have in an organization where the leaders do not know or won’t admit to knowing what the secret service does on their own time. When they are on assignment in foreign countries and especially places like Colombia which is known to be the drug capital of the Americas, these agents should be on 24-hour duty with only the best of the best protecting our president.
The Secret Service has let our country down.
Jerry Segovis

At least be honest
Last week I shared that the “hypocrites” involved in trying to make the Martin shooting a racial issue were really attacking our Stand Your Ground Law and this has proven to be true.
Facts are coming out that dispute any racial motivation in the shooting and we are getting new evidence that will influence the case.
This goes to prove that we should never jump to conclusions without getting all the facts, and those who did have made themselves look extremely foolish and are exposed as the racists they are.
We now have a task force that will be reviewing our Stand Your Ground Law and some have openly made it known that they want it repealed.
It comes as no surprise that they are Democrats, such as Sen. Chris Smith, D-Fort Lauderdale, who has been an ardent critic of the law since its inception.
Most of our citizens approve of the law and the positive effect it has in giving us the right to confront the criminals and protect our lives and property, and it has worked.
Sen. Smith apparently told the panel that the Martin shooting is an example of the ambiguity of the law and mentioned the unintended consequences it has created.
My question to Mr. Smith is just what other consequences have been created?  
This question is directed to any liberal Democrat or other critics, but please give examples for our consideration.  There is no question we can point to instances that property and innocent lives have been saved and such cases have been documented. I believe decent Americans are interested in protecting the victim, not the criminal.
In addition to the above, I have to confess I cannot understand the thinking of liberals at all. We have a large number of liberals who want to do away with capitalism, openly support Communism, and believe in a welfare state.  
We have so many social programs in effect today that it will prove difficult for any politician to eliminate many of them.
Too many now have their hand out and expect everyone else to support them. I wonder who these “takers” will vote for?  I think we all know the answer to that question!
Wayne Rackley

Not enough time

Today, Saturday, April 21, I received two bills: one from SECO with a due date of May 4 which allows 13 days for me to respond, the post office to deliver, and them to receive my payment.
The second from Discover Card has a due date of May 12 which allows 21 days for the same sequence of events. More than a 50 percent increase and much more than that for the part of the sequence I can control.
I have asked SECO twice why they do not give customers as much time to pay as other creditors and have not received a satisfactory response.
Today, I am home and this is no problem.
However, I frequently travel and it is a problem. I invite everyone who shares this feeling to let SECO know about it.
Nearous Sizemore