Letters to the Editor

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By The Staff

Will we elect a ‘queen

mother’ on an ‘emperor?’

Barack Obama, at a private fundraiser (no press allowed) said that in small towns in rural America, people who have lost their jobs “become bitter and cling to guns or religion.” What we have here is a presidential candidate looking down his nose at the peasants.

Barack Obama is a snob. He is the worst kind of snob – an intellectual snob.

Barack and Michelle Obama filed a joint income tax return. Their total income for 2007 was $4.2 million – so much for the man of the people.

A review board had to investigate the birth of John McCain to ascertain that he is truly an American. He was born in a hospital on an American base in Panama. His mother and father are American citizens.

Unfortunately, no such review appears to be necessary for the more exotic background of Barack Obama. It is like The King and I – only without the music.

All we know of Obama is that he was born in Honolulu, spent his boyhood years in Indonesia, went to a private school in Hawaii, and then came to the U.S.A. – presumably aboard the Starship Enterprise with Spock and Captain Kirk.

As for the gentlemen of the press in television land – their “let’s hate Hillary” campaign is becoming all too obvious. Apparently these cavemen will only allow Hillary into the White House to dust the furniture.

For the most part Bill Clinton largely ignored Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. In retrospect that seems to be the best thing to have done.

When Osama bin Laden attacked America he went for the financial heart, the World Trade Towers. He needn’t have bothered. The economic policies of the Bush Administration have brought this country to its knees. But they impeached Bill Clinton.

The Iraqi government is sitting on $100 billion in oil revenues in U.S. banks. The Iraqis are spending very little oil money on their own reconstruction. In other words, the Iraqi government we put up there is taking us for everything but our jockey shorts.

And John McCain, following in the footsteps of George W. Bush, wants to declare Afghanistan a do-over, and send in more troops – nonexistent as they are – and fight al-Qaida, Taliban and whatever all over again.

Of course the billion dollar growth industry in Afghanistan is opium – and why should we want to mess with that?

Understand the “real” government in Iraq is Muqtada al-Sadar and his Mahdi army. He made a jackass out of Maliki and his government when in a showdown in Basra 1,000 Iraqi troops threw down their weapons and ran. Muqtada al-Sadar rules over Sadar City, a hotbed of militants.

The fighting in Basra was ended by a ceasefire “brokered in Iran.” Does that tell you who is running the country now?

If we leave Iraq there will not be chaos and bloodshed. The Maliki government is allied with Iran. The Shiite militias are armed by Iran. Muqtada al-Sadar vacations in Iran.

In other words, the camel’s nose is already in the tent. It is all too painfully clear that the Iraqis prefer Iran to us, and that we are very much in the way. The only thing keeping us in Iraq is Halliburton, big oil and Dick Cheney.

What do we have to choose from in this election? A war hero who wants more war? An overeager schoolboy, full of fine speeches and book learning, who wants to talk over our foreign policy with the terrorists who took our embassy in Teheran? And a lady who wants to end this war, bring home the troops, and provide health care and reconstruction for America.

Nevertheless, the media will choose our next president with all the efficiency of Zimbabwe. Hate to think this election will be decided by a codpiece.

Barack Obama represents white America like John McCain represents Republicans. In other words, not very much.

One of these days Americans will wake up and wish they had a “queen mother” instead of an “emperor” – only then it will be too late.

Helen Bader

Oak Run

Rent a candidate;

real cheap

The Democratic and Republican National committees are holding a sale, a congressional member sale. USA Today reported our congressmen have found a way to stretch, but not break, the new ethics rules they passed just last summer.

Both parties are using their presidential nominating conventions to host meetings between special interest groups and their members of Congress.

From Aug. 25 to 28, in Denver, they can socialize with the Democrats. Access to their House members costs $155,000. Access to their Senate members costs $200,000. From Sep. 1 to 4, they can socialize with the Republicans in Minneapolis. Access to the Republican House and Senate members is cheaper, only $100,000 each. Funds for these events will be used for the campaigns of each party’s congressional candidates, not their presidential candidates.

Many perks are included in these packaged deals; convention hall credentials, luncheons, dinners, special events and hotel rooms. It would be very interesting and educational to see this first ever public sale of congressional favors.

Meetings between lobbyists, political action committees and our lawmakers are usually shadowy private affairs. Perhaps these meetings could be taped for use in a political science ethics class or a reality television special?

We of limited means also need to show our congressmen how much we value them. Our votes in November should demonstrate which is more important; favors for special interests or favors for voters.

Bill Farthing


Hillary in ‘third place,’

as secretary of state?

The Democrats lost the 2000 election because the votes were not counted properly by the state of Florida, and the Supreme Court decision ended the debate and George Bush won the position of President of the United States of America. The Democrats also lost the 2004 national election because the state of Ohio did not support Senator Carey, and George Bush won the office of President of the United States of America.

One of the key words in these national elections is “united,” and at the present time we are separating the Democrats into two highly-divided camps even though the issues are very similar. Senator Obama is presently leading the delegate count and it is very unlikely that Senator Clinton can garner enough votes to overtake him by the National Democratic convention.

This is causing a split in the Democratic Party that could cost them the national election this year.

The talking heads on the news channels, some party members and super delegates are stating that to unify the party Hilary should be offered the position of vice president, which she may or may not accept. I feel that the person running for president should have his choice as a running mate which would reflect the person who he knows and respects and could trust to work with on the important issues of the day.

I feel that to unify the Democratic Party and to show the importance of this selection that Senator Obama should ask Senator Hillary Clinton to be his secretary of state. To me this is the second most important position in our government and with the experience that she has meeting and negotiating with heads of state we could bring America back to the forefront and again being taken seriously in world issues.

If Senator Clinton were offered this position she would be more useful to America in world negotiations and also bring much needed unity to the Democratic Party for this most important 2008 election.

Jerry Segovis


Will we wake up

before it’s too late?

As the presidential campaign continues to move on and we are promised change, fixes, free benefits, elimination of personal problems, most brought on by ourselves, we become blinded from reality.

It matters not one whit who occupies the White House, perhaps the only exception is the speed attained to our eventual demise as a nation. Is there such a person that can remove our greatest danger: rot? It is infecting all the institutions in the U.S.; families business, government and politics, education, religion, media, sports and entertainment.

There is an old clich; “Those who ignore the lessons of history are destined to repeat it.” The eventual fall of more 20 world powers of the past is testimony to the validity of this observation.

Why are lulled into a sense that the fate of other nations will not befall ours?

The Roman Empire remained a powerful regime for many years but eventually became unmanageable.

Today our presence is evident all over the world. Is the United States as we know it today manageable?

The waste engendered by ludicrous spending is staggering. We borrow money from foreign sources to fund foreign aid. Domestically, self-serving politicians curry our favor with so called “entitlement” programs paid for with our dollars. They can give us nothing they have not already taken from us.

We have gone considering dollars from thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands, to millions, to billions and now trillions. It is doubtful any human being can even envision how much money that is.

Not many years ago an annual salary of $10,000 was considered rather attractive. Today it is considered a poverty wage.

The super wealthy who “earn” far more than the ordinary working man only invite thoughts that smack of socialism as some forces seek to bring this inequity to something more realistic.

As to foreign affairs, we seek to prevent others from developing nuclear capabilities, fearful, and rightly so, they will turn the results of their efforts on us. Diplomatic talks are futile; never try to negotiate with an evil man doing evil things.

That leaves only military power to control the world. How long can any nation continue to accomplish that without dissipating its resources?

When we consider the staggering amount of time, money and effort developing weaponry to kill others, we should also to think about all the good those outlays could do to benefit mankind, not kill them.

The selection of our government representatives is rotten to the core. Money is funneled into campaigns with only one thought in mind, a need for some favors to enhance the givers well being and future hence the ploy to cultivate those in a position to accomplish this happy state.

We have put those in power who seemingly have little interest in anything but self gratification. The perks alone they have bestowed on themselves are proof of this.

In summary, are there any of us who really believe the United States government is well managed? How do we compare with the Roman Empire? While they lasted for many years, modern technology, communications, transportation, etc., have made this a much smaller world and so our demise is being hastened at ever increasing speeds.

Solutions evidently eluded the nations that have failed before us and there is little hope we will avoid the same fate. We should all start to take a much more detailed study of how some of ruinous practices have started, for what purpose, why they have failed etc.

Looking at the past few administrations will not suffice. Rot did not overtake us in a few years. It has been festering for a long time.

Only when we hear of disastrous happenings and do something about them other than a sad nodding of the head. Will we have a chance to reverse the deadly course we now follow? We must wake up and protest until the powers understand we have had enough.

Don Pixley