Letters to the Editor - June 5, 2009

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By The Staff

Not the way

to fix the budget

I read in the paper recently that the State of Florida’s budget reveals a broken system in establishing their expenditures for the year. The way that the Florida State legislature is trying to fix our budget shortfall is like a doctor arriving at a train wreck with a single bandage.

The Republicans simply cannot push tax cuts year after year and then all of a sudden realize they do not have the necessary funds to run our state. The state is trying to make it appear that their taxes are levied equally between the rich and poor, but lower income people pay taxes on 100 percent of their incomes while the well-off pay on a much lower percentage of their income.

The state only has so much money to operate its mandated programs such as educating our children. What kind of legacy do we want to be remembered for in not teaching those who will be responsible for our future.

At a time when the state and local governments are laying off employees and cutting salaries for those doing the necessary work, we are treating a select few quite differently. The state legislature has approved and is protecting several thousand employees who are allowed to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in wages and benefits. The state legislature claims that they can’t touch this sacred law of double dipping because it was passed several years ago and soon it will be their turn.

You don’t have to dig very deep to see the high regard that the state legislature thinks and feels about themselves and who is protected first by their actions. I hope we remember these actions at the ballot box during the next election period.

Jerry Segovis


Protect America

Mr. President

Is President Obama’s naivete putting all Americans at risk?

Will Obama’s foolish view of the world allow our enemies to attack us, with possibly devastating consequences?

Obama seems to think that he lives in a world in which there are no real enemies, only reasonable people who can be persuaded to act in a reasonable way.

Obama taught Constitutional law. He should know as U.S. president that his first priority must be to keep America safe.

I call on him to demonstrate that he is a leader, not a follower of naïve liberals who think the world would be a better place if we could all just talk to each other more.

There are bullies in the world, just as there are bullies in every schoolyard.

No matter what you give them, they always want more. When British prime minister Neville Chamberlain gave in to Hitler in 1938, Hitler only wanted more.

It is the same with today’s bullies in North Korea, Iran and elsewhere. Making concessions to them only makes them stronger and more dangerous. It does not make them more reasonable.

Don’t kid yourself, Mr. President. Don’t live in a fantasy world. You can’t charm everyone into agreeing with you. There are real threats to America. Will it take a destroyed American city, like Chicago, Illinois or Portland, Oregon, the victim of a nuclear strike from Iran, North Korea or a terrorist group, to make you understand the nature of the threat you are dealing with?

Several years ago, we lost a great American city to Hurricane Katrina. Please don’t make us lose another one.

Don’t allow this nation to let its guard down and put at risk the lives of millions of Americans.

Mr. President, keep us all safe. That’s what we elected you to do. We depend on you to make wise decisions. Please open your eyes and see the evil in the world, and do what you have to do to fight back against it.

This is no time for words and compromises that only arouse the contempt of our enemies.

Steve Mozena

Carson, Calif.

The new way for Israel

The new "accepted" way to proclaim hatred toward Israel and subject its Jews to mass murder and annihilation is to charge it with gross violations of the Palestinian people’s human rights, illegal occupation and brutality.

Forget about the giving back Gaza, including its total infrastructure, while evicting 8,000 Jews from that territory and receiving 11,000 rockets in return, causing unacceptable damage and lives. Forget about the sworn intent of Hamas to destroy Israel, forget about Iran and its soon-to-have atomic weapons, forget about all the madrasas and schools throughout the Middle East teaching children hate (Christians included). Forget about all the previous attempts and offers to make peace, which have constantly been rebuffed. Forget about Hezbolla and its supporter, Iran, to ferment terror, etc., etc., etc.

How is this peace or two-state solutions going to work if you have no assurance of continuality of peace with such neighbors? Will the U.S. guarantee it or will we have another Bosnia where we will have to interfere and would we?

It’s so easy here to spew anger and cry for peace from a distance, but remember the Islamists do not love you and never will. "Jewish Voices for Peace" are not unbiased; remember our country in the sixties. We had some real radical organizations then ourselves.

By the way, we have never given $12 billion to Israel, ever.

Erwin Fluss