Letters to the Editor - June 26, 2009

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By The Staff

This VCR should make

you stop and think

With our country in the throes of financial, political and military problems, a little humor might help keep things in perspective.

 A few years ago, veteran actor Hal Holbrook gave a solo stage performance where he used only material from the writings and historical accounts of Mark Twain. The performance was taped and Holbrook gave many incidents and stories about the life and times of the world renowned author. In one short segment on the tape, Twain comes out in defense of Satan; the Devil himself.

Twain, through Holbrook, tells us that in our usual English – American system of equality of justice and fair play, Satan has been shorted. Over the last two thousand years, an enormous number of printed, spoken and graphic attacks have been made against Satan, and a very large number of people have desired his destruction. Yet neither of these activities has diminished his presence or his power. And Satan has received very little publicity or human support and no one has ever let him tell his side of the story.

Twain attributed Satan’s endurance and power to his ability to gain control of our political systems. Twain called him the “Master Politician.” By gaining control of the few that control the many, Satan has been able to use his evil powers to impose misery on large numbers of people throughout the ages. The collapse of our financial system and its disruption of other global financing efforts are but the latest example of his evil at work. Satan uses the base human traits of greed and lust for power to get his converts to commit injury to their fellow man. He found many willing participants in the finance and political arenas around the world for this latest triumph.  

The ability for such leaders to accomplish such evil acts for such long periods of time shows Satan’s knowledge of another human trait. As kings and tyrants have known for millennia, good men will not act against oppression until they are thoroughly provoked.

Holbrook’s performance is on a VCR tape titled, ‘Mark Twain Tonight.’ It runs about 90 minutes and it’s available in the Marion County Library. As you watch the video, think about where you stand on the ‘I’ve Had Enough of Tyranny’ scale.

Bill Farthing,


An honest look at our future

I wonder if the Socialist/progressives who write columns will ever look at current facts and get over their class envy approach to solving problems in America?

She even talks of Reagan’s deficits and tax breaks for the rich to the point that it’s boring and totally irresponsible. How about looking at the situation today and how you and every one of us are facing tax burdens and national debt unequaled in our history. I don’t believe a Republican hater is in position to give the party advice on its leadership.

If you look at what has happened to the Republican Party, you will observe that a “moderate” did run for president against Obama, and even the so-called Republican Colin Powell has stated he voted Democratic. The only way we can save our country is to stop trying to “change” it into a country of socialist whiners. We are a capitalist country, the land of opportunity, believe it or not!

Democrat/Socialists love to talk down conservative leaders such as Newt, Cheney, Sarah, and even talk show host Rush, apparently without listening to what they are saying. If you believe Obama knows more about defending our country than Cheney, then I suggest you start listening to what they are saying. You are talking of our president who rushed into closing Gitmo without any idea of what we do with the prisoners? Now we are willing to pay huge amounts of money to countries to take them. Does this show experience?

I applaud the fact that a Newt/Sarah ticket in 2012 could be possible. By then, Obama and his czars (since when is this America), will have done so much damage that conservatives will win in a landslide. This will be similar to the Reagan landslide that provided us with one of our greatest, most popular presidents ever.

One thing that made Reagan a great president is that he truly loved his country and he instilled this pride in most of us. The song “I’m Proud To Be An American” meant something. Obama wants to change our America with government in charge of everything.

To be fair, let’s give Obama credit for what he is doing. The Gitmo situation, appointing czars who will report only to him, increasing fuel costs, funding so-called global warming, cap tax, taking over private businesses, created four times more debt than Bush, wanting us to fund health care for all Americans and he includes illegals, installing a value added tax to everything you buy, printing so much new money that inflation will rise to record levels, telling other nations that we are an arrogant country, no longer a Christian nation, but that we are now one of the most populist Muslim nations, and turning us into a debtor nation.

Wow, isn’t this exciting!  If Americans are in agreement with all this, then we are witnessing the destruction of the America that most of us who have been here awhile, truly love. Don’t forget the Democrats have Reed and Pelosi and the most inexperienced president in our history.  I’ll take our leaders any day of the week!

Wayne Rackley

Oak Run 

Health care —

government style

A few years ago, Congress “gave” us help with the purchase of prescription drugs.

This was done without any meaningful negotiation with drug producers. Many congressmen were the recipients of much gratitude (dollars) from the drug industry ostensibly for campaign expenses.

Now they are debating plans to cover us all with “free” health care.

Let’s follow the buck.

Drug firms will engage lobbyists and charge their cost to the price of the product. The lobbyists will convey the wishes of the drug companies to Congress. To ensure their requests are followed, contributions will be made to the congressmen’s campaign funds. These will be added to the price of the product. The consumer now enters the picture who will pay his government mandated share and medical insurance premium plus the co-pay. Who paid the lobbyist, the drug company and Congress? The taxpayer and consumer. But wait, and the ads often say, who is going to pay the bureaucracy that will administer the Health Care Program?

We have traced the buck, the ultimate consumers, to Congress, to the government to lobbyists to the drug companies. We may even be called upon to help with grants from the government for drug research awarded to universities.

Can we taxpayers really afford the “free” health care program?

Don Pixley