Letters to the editor: June 19, 2009

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By The Staff

Bigotry, hatred and racism

still with us

Bigotry, hatred and racism seems to be at its peak now we have elected a new President. With the killings at the Holocaust museum in Washington D. C. and the killing of an abortion doctor, we have a small group of lone wolf fanatics still tied to some of the over 900 other racial hate groups in the U.S., all trying to make their last stand. This is no different than the fanatics we are fighting in the rest of the world. They all preach the same message of HATE. Unfortunately the U.S. has a long background of racial prejudice against our own citizens of Black, Hispanic, American Indian etc. backgrounds.

Most all the supremacist movements are based or self-justified using religion. That has been true in the South since the days of slavery when the churches preached that the whites were entitled to have slaves and used biblical scriptures to justify it. At the same time, they were converting the blacks to religion so they encouraged them to preach salvation and submission. Hey, it worked! That is the reason they did not want to integrate their churches after the Civil War as the messages were at cross-purposes. They would have killed the freed slaves just as they had done to the Indians, if they could have gotten away with it.

I had sincerely felt that the election was a watershed event and that more and more people would break away from this type of thinking but evidently it is going to take a long time. Maybe this generation has to die off. It is amazing that the youth in Iran is rebelling. I think it had a great deal to do with the beacon of hope that Obama held up. Too bad we can’t see the same changes here but the old guard is entrenched and the churches are their networks to keep their fears going.

Bill & Estelle Marder

Ocala, Fla.

Follow the buck

Often we are puzzled by actions of our elected leaders. One way to remove any mystery is to simply follow the buck.

Usually the process is started by creating a situation that can call for action. The latest example of this was the alleged shortage of affordable housing. It sounded great to provide affordable housing to all and certain to get general approval from the public. But Thomas Sowell in his book, “The Housing Boom and Bust” said  “Politicians set out to solve a problem that did not exist”!

Lenders threw caution to the winds and soon money-losing paper was widespread. Fannie and Freddie each begged, and received, financial help from taxpayers via Congress.

Fannie has showered Congressmen with cash but where did they get the money? Certainly a portion came from federal grants of our money. WHY is it necessary to reward Congressmen?

Could it be to reduce the interest of Congress in the operation of the Fannie? If this is true, we can easily follow the buck. Congress can wink at abuses; loan, grant or subsidize them with taxpayers money. The “favor” is returned via hefty “campaign funds” from the subsidized entity for re- election of cooperative representatives. In the meantime we taxpayers foot the bill for the entire exercise. Note where the (our) buck stopped!

Is there any mystery why our representatives retire wealthy and even get full pay and benefits as a retirement stipend?

This sort of skullduggery will never end as long as private money is allowed for campaign financing or influencing politicians.

Don Pixley

Ocala, Fla.

What about American workers?

President Obama and the democratic party is on the path to LOWER the standard of living for working Americans. Their idea that we have shared values and a sense of common purpose with those south of our border with Mexico is just plain wrong.

Seventy percent of working Americans know they cannot compete with illegal immigrants in the workplace when it comes to wages and standard of living. We as Americans should not have to lower our standard of living to make life better for those who have en-tered our country illegally. The American people had hope in this administration that the American worker would have a voice in their future along with the economic recovery of our country rather than protecting illegal immigrants. It seems that our government is more concerned with securing the borders around Iraq and Afghanistan than they are with borders between Mexico and the United States.

We must let our President know that our economic crisis has been caused by the American manufacturer who believes that corporate profits come before living wages for American workers. More industries that had American workers in the past have been moved south of our border or to foreign countries who have raised their standard of living while lowering ours.

Let's remind the President that he was elected to help Americans who are in deep trouble financially – and now would be a good  time to start.

Jerry Segovis

Ocala Fla