Letters to the Editor - July 24, 2009

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By The Staff

Health care

in America

The minority of Republicans are winning in their quest to insure that all American families do not have a guarantee of health care for the foreseeable future. The Republicans who control 23 percent of voting Americans are calling the president an obstructionist because he is not giving in to their elitist demands. Tax cuts for the rich and not providing health care to 40 million Americans is the Republican way of life and the majority should get used to it.

Local, state and federal governments are put in place with a tax structure established to pay for services to the citizens of our country. The Democrats feel that this system is what makes our country great by taking care of all Americans, rich and poor. The Republicans feel that the budget is their tool to give money back to the wealthy by cutting their taxes and also cutting programs that will help the less fortunate.

The manufacturing jobs that have been sent overseas to further help the rich business owners just happen to be the jobs that made America great and provided our workers with a good living for their families. The rich feel that if we can’t compete against foreign workers earning less than a dollar per hour then the American workers don’t deserve these jobs in the first place.

I read in our paper that Ocala has lost 17,000 jobs since the late 90’s. Creating 17,000 new minimum wage jobs will still not help our economy. We must provide decent jobs at good livable wages to allow workers to have enough money to spend and invest for health care in our local area and all across America.

Minimum wage jobs do not address the problems facing Americans in the world of today and certainly does not provide our families with necessary health care.

Jerry Segovis


Put away the

‘big stick’

If at first you don’t succeed, then try, try, and try again. Or until the national debt and inflation bankrupts our country. President Obama has said things are moving slowly in our economic recovery efforts and it will take longer than originally planned. Democratic leaders and their advisers are calling for a second stimulus program with more government spending to speed up our move into their idea of a perfect society. President Obama has surrounded himself with the best and brightest advisers, analysts and planners he can find. They are all well trained professionals and devoted to his programs. Their computer modeling can give him instant theoretical results for any adjustments or changes in any or all economic activities. However, they can’t model the human factor into their equations and there isn’t a thimble full of experience among the whole group for managing the large-scale effort of simultaneously recovering our economy and changing some of our basic social norms.

National polls show 47 percent of consumers think they have all they need, 32 percent say they are spending less and 27 percent say they are saving more. For the last three months, consumer borrowing has continued its record-breaking plunge and pay down of existing debts has continued to rise. Consumer spending and the taxes it generates is the life blood of our economy. But American consumers realize that someone, somewhere, at sometime will have to pay the national bills. Many of them may recall Lyndon Johnson’s attempt at a ‘Great Society’ in 1964. Then, like now, the Democratic solution to all problems was to throw money at them. Unfortunately they learned the more money they threw, the more problems they had.

Early on in his administration, Obama had business leaders gather at the White House where he outlined his economic recovery plans. Soon after that, he took the ‘big stick’ approach and removed some corporate CEOs and managers who disagreed with his ideas. The surviving managers have fallen into line and no adjustments, improvements or innovations to his plan seem to be allowed. Our government is now part owner and part mini-manager of several large businesses. Big government hates little ideas – so the only thing we have gained is more bureaucracy and a deeper faulted economy.    

Our economic capabilities were obtained by our freedom; freedom to think and to dream of a better way or a better device or a better tool. Obama needs to put his ‘big stick’ in the closet and get our industrial and business leaders back in the White House and this time, listen, don’t lecture. Give American ingenuity the problems and then get out of the way. The results are guaranteed. The problems will be solved. Of course he will have to guard against the dishonest and the scammers who corrupt everything to their favor. Quick identification and prosecution of these grafters and their congressional cohorts would unite the government and the thought of a national effort to preserve our country would unite the citizens.

The Oval Office is not a place for on-the-job training. Probably few of the men who entered there were fully prepared for its demands and fewer still rose to the challenges each occupant had to face. We idolize and build monuments to those we see as a founder or a savior or a protector of our way of life. This may be the last opportunity we have for such a man.

Bill Farthing,


Who pays taxes?

Politicians constantly remind us they are looking out for the middle class in the matter of paying taxes. Let’s take a look at the situation and see how well we fare when tax burdens are distributed. We will confine our thoughts to the so called "hidden" taxes.

Corporate taxes are now 35 percent and from time to time we hear of plans to increase that percentage. Whatever the cost to the corporation, it will be added to the price we as consumers pay for his wares. The same result applies to small business and we get hooked again.

Lobbyist’s salaries and expense accounts create millions of dollars of expense for their employers. Firms that hire these people must add that cost to the price of their service or product. Once again we pay when we buy the product.

We have all watched drug representatives with their baggage call on our physicians. We pay them also. Their cost must be added to the drug producer’s price, the government pays through Medicare etc. and we pay for Medicare through our taxes. We are nailed again.

There are more forms of taxes than fleas on a dogs back, so it is left us to determine just who pays the final bill. Hint: It will be tough to find a tax that does not trickle down to us, the very class that politicians like to say they consider when formulating tax issues.

Don Pixley