Letters to the Editor - July 2, 2009

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By The Staff

Lest we forget

Hamburgers! Hot dogs! Flags! Parades! Beaches! Parties! It appears this is the sum total of what July 4 means to many Americans. And, you?

The beleaguered, oppressed Colonists stood up to the tyrant and said: “Enough is enough!” Remember the Tea Party? They are happening all over again today.

When was the last time you actually read America’s founding document, the Declaration of Independence? Did you grasp the seriousness of the charges? Did you understand that this document tells us precisely why America was birthed?

The heart of the Declaration states the basic assertion of individual liberty, individual freedoms, the pursuit of happiness, without the oppressive, authoritarian arm of government hanging heavy over your head.

The Founding Fathers believed certain truths to be self-evident (unchangeable and unalterable); that men are created equal; they are endowed (blessed) by their Creator with unalienable (unchangeable) rights.

To secure these blessings, the government is created by those governed (we, the people). America is not a government creating the people.

The Declaration clearly states that government expansion and usurpation of the rights and responsibilities of the governed (you and me) leads to an absolute tyranny.

Those brave men appealed to the Supreme Judge of the World (God in our vernacular), and pledged to each other, their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. Out of this pledge was birthed the Articles of the Confederation, and subsequently, the U. S. Constitution.

Hey! That’s what July 4 is all about! While you enjoy the bounty of freedom and liberty to celebrate, remember those who made the supreme sacrifice during several “wars” since then to preserve our great nation and your freedoms.

We have room for improvement. That’s nature. And Nature’s God is fully capable and waiting to help us improve if we do like the Founding Fathers and call upon the Divine Providence for protection.

Go ahead, celebrate, remembering why you can do it.

God bless you and yours, and God bless America.

Bill Bledsoe


FairTax needs to

be enacted now

What would it be like not to have taxes based on our income? Let’s think about that a minute.

Without federal income taxes:

There would be no withholding from our paychecks. That gives us more money to spend and save.

Businesses would not need to pass their corporate taxes on to the consumer. That lowers the base price of goods.

There would be no need for tax-sheltered annuities. You could save as much money as you like without worrying about being taxed on interest or paying tax when you need to withdraw funds.

There would be no benefit for the wealthy sending their money oversees to avoid taxes. That brings upwards of a trillion dollars back into the U.S. economy.

There would be more money for businesses to expand and a great incentive for new businesses to start. Even foreign companies would look to relocate into the U.S. to avoid their own taxes. All that would create more jobs than we have people to fill them.

There would be no need for companies to spend billions of dollars every year in compliance of the tax code. And, as an added bonus, it would reduce the number of lobbyists by nearly 90 percent as there would no need to find loopholes and garner favors from Congress.

There would be no need to file income tax forms every April 15. You could spend a pleasant spring day rather than pouring over your receipts.

Just imagine life without the IRS. How enjoyable that would be. But reality must take precedence. The government needs money for the armed services, social security, Medicare, etc. What if we simply put a sales tax on new goods and services to be collected at the point of sale just as they are collected now with our state sales tax. That federal sales tax would not be added to our already burdensome income tax but would replace the income tax. Our tax base would increase enormously. Instead of only working people and their employers paying all of the tax burden, it would be spread out over the entire spectrum. Anyone purchasing new goods or service would pay the tax giving the government as much working capital as they are now receiving. It would be fair as everyone, even those people who receive their money through illegal means, would pay to support government expenditures. If 6 to 8 percent of all sales taxes collected were deposited into a safe box for Social Security and Medicare, both of those programs would stabilize and give our grandchildren the security of knowing that these programs will still be viable when they are ready to retire.

Don’t think this is only a pipe dream. All this would happen if we enact the FairTax. It’s time to repeal the 16th Amendment and get rid of all federal taxes based on income. The FairTax bill is in Congress (HR 25) and getting new cosponsors every month. Let’s reduce our 67,000 page tax code with this simple and fair 132 page solution. We need to let our representatives know that we are fed up with the incredible tax burden the current system has placed on us. Remind them that they work for us and that we have the power to vote them out of office. Let them know that we want the FairTax enacted now. If you want more information about the FairTax, go to fairtax.org and check it out for yourself. The FairTax is fair, transparent, and the right thing to do.

Elaine Maiellaro


Are these CEO decisions

really necessary?

What can Americans do about job losses that we are facing during the financial crises we are experiencing in the global meltdown of our economy? We cannot expect any help from the GOP who will not try to work with the president because they want him to fail on his ideas. They want to work from their playbook of ideas for themselves and could care less for the rest of the country.

The right keeps quoting President Ronald Reagan who promised that his trickle down theory of giving the rich all of the money and all of the tax cuts that they would allow tax money to trickle down to the middle class and the rest of the scraps would go to the working poor. Obviously the greed of the super rich allowed them to keep all of the tax money with the scraps going to the middle class and leaving nothing for the working poor.

The Republicans blame union-loving Democrats for the poor situation that the country is in today, partially because of the big union officials forcing big business to give unreasonable salaries to the working middle class. If you remember why unions were necessary and formed in the first place you would understand why there is still a need for unions in today’s environment. We are returning to the type of companies that we had 90 years ago with sweat shop conditions, long hours, low wages and no benefits. The unions do not determine what products are manufactured because it has been management’s decisions on what the products would be and how they were produced and what country they would be produced in.

We could create millions of jobs in America if we had verification that these jobs in the stimulus package actually went to Americans rather than illegal immigrants. Some say that there are nearly 15 million illegal immigrants working in our country right now and if an exchange of labor took place between legal citizens and illegal immigrants we could nearly eliminate the unemployment problem in our country. I feel that this would be the least expensive way to put our country back to work rather than the very expensive stimulus package.

Is it better to spend a trillion dollars by creating three million jobs for American workers and small business owners or is it better to spend 50 billion dollars on the American automobile and associated industries to save three million jobs.

We should be able to produce automobiles that Americans want and stop paying CEOs to eliminate workers jobs, health benefits and pension costs. Are the CEOs really necessary to make bad decisions?

Jerry Segovis

Ocala Sunday is


I agreed with President Obama when he said that America is not a Christian country. Although he said this in a different context, the words are valid if we witness the garbage which comes out of Hollywood, television, the Internet, the courts and the media. Factor in the insatiable demand for illicit mind-bending drugs. Add on abortion. A whole generation has grown up with these impinging anti-Christian, often intrinsic evils.

But beware and know that Jesus the Christ is not dead. As one pastor punctuated throughout his sermon on our culture’s downhill slide, “It’s Friday, It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming.”


John F. O’Brien


Binnie’s take

not what’s needed

As I read Wendy Binnie’s diatribe from June 19, my first reaction was sympathy for anyone harboring such anger and malice toward another human being, one whom I doubt she has ever spoken with face to face.

To find it necessary to spew forth such inflammatory language is certainly not going to help in healing our country’s differences. I think she has exhibited the same qualities in her column that she criticizes in others.

Perhaps James von Brunn is not the only person guilty of writing incendiary articles. Let’s hope we can all become a kinder, more gentle country in the future.

Jerri Shorey


An opportunity to

reset our government

A look at some data from Web sites for the Census Bureau, the Labor Dept., the Pew Research Center and some business monitors has confirmed the existence of a dangerous trend.

White males, over age 30, are losing their political clout. Results of the federal elections in 2004, 2006 and 2008, show the majority of these voters, about 55 percent, have consistently voted for conservative candidates. They were successful with Bush in 2004 but since then, their candidates have rarely won. These white, conservative, over 30 voters come from all political parties. They were beaten by the over 30 minority voters, all of the under-30 voters and the ladies in their own over 30 age group. These voters were also from all parties. A conservative candidate with an agenda to preserve, protect and continue our basic way of life is no longer the people’s choice. And these conservative voters have not only lost their political voice but also their political protection. The liberals who won the last two elections are making arrangements for these conservatives, and their next few generations, to pay for a series of social programs that threatens the survival of the system that makes our life styles possible. But someone has to pay the bills.

White male salaries increase from about age 30 to their retirement. It’s called the peak earning years. Increasing salaries give increasing purchasing power; so their spending for consumer products, the life blood of our economy, naturally increases. The accumulation of products, property and wealth, and the higher salaries, leads to an increase in taxes levied by the local, state and federal governments. It is also the highest tax paying years.

Some rough calculations from the data on the web sites suggests that over 30 white males spent about $2.8 trillion of the total $5.96 trillion used to purchase consumer products in 2007. The data also suggests they paid about $96 billion, of the total $268 billion, collected in taxes by all levels of government in 2007. There were about 101 million white males over 30 in 2007, or about 33 percent of the population. They provided about 47% of the total spending on consumer products and paid about 36 percent of all taxes. One third of our population purchased almost half of all goods and services and paid over one third of all taxes. And our current political leaders are making plans to have them pay more for their services and increase their taxes, since they are ‘the rich’ and can afford it.

Success in any career can usually be obtained by preparation, dedication and perspiration. The reward for a lifetime of such effort should not be the burden of paying for the ambitions and greed of political and financial leaders who betrayed our trust and brought our country to its knees. Our current political leaders see our weakened condition as an opportunity to remake our society and abandon the principles and practices that has made this country the best in the world. The citizens who deeply value their independence and freedom of choice have been supplanted by citizens who willingly surrender control of our lives and our country to self-serving politicians who openly sell our government to the highest paying entrepreneurs and special interest groups. The economic recovery will require a maximum effort in our consumer spending and tax payments. If we incur no new debts, live within our means and maybe even have some savings, the recovery may stall. Then we may get an opportunity to reset our government, restore our freedoms and not pass a lifetime of servitude to taxes on to our descendents.

Bill Farthing,