Letters to the Editor - July 10, 2009

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By The Staff

Helping the homeless

and the needy

The collection of hygiene items helping needy children was a great success.

Eve Circle of Ocala West United Methodist Women would like to thank you for your donation of hygiene items. With your donations we made a total of 393 kits: 250 full kits that included soap, shampoo, lotion, toothpaste and toothbrushes and some deodorant; 40 kits are waiting for toothpaste and 103 kits are waiting for toothpaste and toothbrushes.

We collect year round at "Ocala West United Methodist Church", therefore you may drop off donations in the Narthex in the container marked for the Homeless/Needy Children Program, or the church office (mark for homeless/ needy children).

Judy Dale,


Victory or annihilation’

In my opinion, we live in very historic times. Christians have united with Israel against Islam.

Hitler killed six million Jews while we stood by.

In spite of what others may criticize anything that we might have done there is no excuse for anyone to go on record to want to kill us. Therefore we have a choice of victory or annihilation!

President Carter (the poorest excuse for a president of the United States) wants Jerusalem to be divided and land from Israel to be given to the Palestinians.

What right has President Carter or our state department to ask Israel to give anything that was given to them by God. And in 1948 given to them by another authority.

I would hate to think that our President Obama has bought into President Carter’s views.

So America when Iran has the atomic bomb with the ability to kill us, what action will America take?

And it would be a good idea to move our American ambassadors to Jerusalem instead of Tel Aviv.

The giant United States will probably let little old Israel take care of Iran just like when we stood by and they took care of Syria recently.

For those who wish to criticize us, how about if we let God be the judge — and you give us your interpretation of the Bible. We should all be aware of the statement in the Bible that God said in Genesis 12:3 – I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee.

God gave us free will, but his will, will be done at the end.

Roy Carmichael


  More consideration

about Fair Tax

The letter writer of "Fair Tax needs to be enacted now" shows the usual lack of analysis of what that program would do. First of all, any program that needs to be presented by using a euphemism is suspect from the outset. There is nothing objectively fair about the Fair Tax. It should be identified by its really descriptive name, Consumption Tax.

The first misstatement in the letter is that such a tax would give us more money to spend and save. The authors of the first book on this tax admitted in an interview with Money magazine that wages would have to drop. We would not take home our present gross income but rather our present net. Simple arithmetic shows that something is wrong with the Fair Tax assertion that the tax on consumption simply replaces what they call an embedded tax contained in everything we buy, so that retail prices will stay roughly the same. At that point, we have replaced the embedded tax with a consumption tax.

There is no change in government revenue. But somehow, by magic I suppose, all of the present taxes disappear without reducing government revenue.

The second misstatement, often repeated by a talk show host and even stated by Governor Huckabee during the Republican primary, is that even people who receive money through illegal means would pay for government expenditures. This might be technically true but they would be paying the same amount they pay now in embedded taxes. They would have the same amount of money for consumption. They would receive what the tax plan calls a prebate and would be presumably covered by Social Security. In fact, they would be better off under the Fair Tax. A similar argument is that foreign tourists would help pay our tax bill. But they would be paying the same amount as they now pay in embedded taxes. A Disney Land shirt costs $50 now and will cost $50 then. Where is the additional Government revenue?

In addition, the Fair Tax is very regressive and ripe for fraudulent schemes.

Daniel Drake

Oak Run

New and old politics

are upon us

It’s the first part of summer, and along with the heat and humidity, lots of new and old politics are upon us. Buckle up your seat belts, a new state law lets the police ticket you if they are loose. But the price of gas is ramping up again, so we won’t be driving as much anyway. Also there are new state taxes on tobacco products, a buck on a pack of cigarettes. But at least our state’s budget was balanced.

Californians are $24 billion short on their budget and the state government is talking about issuing IOUs instead of checks. State employees are also being given 3 days a month off without pay. Californians have the eighth largest economy in the world, larger than most independent countries, and their politicians have spent them into debt. Sound familiar? Just like Washington, skills in managing taxes and spending are in short supply in Sacramento. They are asking for a federal bailout. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is from San Francisco, so they will probably get it. The Democrats control both legislative houses in Sacramento, but Republican Governor Schwarzenegger is trying to inject some sanity and control into the state’s spending. Wish him luck. The Democrats spend it all and them some mentality has moved from our nation’s capitol to our largest state. Where does it go next?

The Minnesota State Supreme Court has awarded its contested U.S. Senate seat to comedian Al Franken. The eight-month effort of recounts and court challenges will give the Democrats a total of 60 seats in the chamber. That’s a solid majority and the 40 seat Republicans cannot filibuster to stop any legislation. Franken gained fame on the ‘Saturday Night Live’ TV show. It’s traditional to play ‘Hail to the Chief’ when the president makes an appearance in the Capitol to address a joint session of Congress. They can precede that with ‘Send in the Clowns’ when the democratic senators walk in.

Franken’s presence in the Senate will give President Obama and the Democrats a chance for one of their most cherished goals; nationwide health insurance for all residents. Not just for U.S. citizens, but for any and all that live within our borders. The 47 million that we were told are uninsured was researched by Larry Kudlow of National Review Online. The Week, a news magazine, reported Kudlow’s findings. The uninsured include some 20 million college students whose parents choose not to pay for their coverage, some 11 million who are eligible for Medicaid but have not signed up and about 10 million who aren’t U.S. citizens. The 10 to 15 million truly needy citizens could be given vouchers to join in our present high-quality health care system at an affordable cost of some $25 billion a year. But that would not allow the Democrats to continue the growth of the federal bureaucracy and increase their control of our lives and businesses.

On any and every chance, the Democrats keep looking for ways for our government to provide cradle to the grave coverage for our every need, wish and desire. Independence, freedom of choice and a purposeful and challenging life is far more desirable than a safe and secure life of servitude to taxes to support a Big Brother existence where a self-selected, not elected, few will decide our fate. There is more to life than what’s for dinner and what’s on TV tonight.

Bill Farthing,


Where is

America’s Jeremiah?

Jeremiah is known as the “weeping” prophet due to the message God called him to bring to his people, turn from your wicked ways or face destruction. Most everyone realizes that God is a God of love, he is just, merciful and never changes. What many fail to accept is that he is also a God of judgment and like any good “parent” he wants his children to be obedient, to honor him and live our lives accordingly. The Bible is full of his judgment being brought down on his people when they continue to live in sin, disobeying him, ignoring his warnings and end up facing his wrath.

So many times the people felt that because God did love them so much he wouldn’t bring his wrath down upon them — wrong! They had previously faced being held in slavery for 400 years before God felt it was time to free them, using Moses as his tool. We all know the story of Noah and the ark, on which only his family was saved from the flood, the whole world had turned their backs on God, and he finally said, enough is enough.

Jeremiah was speaking as God led him, and though obedient to the task, it broke his heart to see what was going to happen to Judah. Sure enough, they were conquered, killed and enslaved for 70 years!

What does this have to do with America today? Everything! Look how far from God we are falling, not just the greedy, power-hungry politicians, but people in general. Babies born to unwed mothers have increased dramatically. These babies are being born and raised primarily in poverty with little chance in life and we accept this as the norm. Homosexuality is now a “lifestyle.” We abort innocent babies and call it choice. Does anyone truly believe this is what God approves of and wants for us?

Many are working hard to get God out of our lives, off our currency, removed from our pledge, don’t dare pray openly, and if you bring a Bible to school, how dare you mix church with state. We even have man-made global warming which is one of the biggest cons in history, a power grab. Why is it so hard to realize that God is in control and will bring the world to an end on his timetable. Our only hope to survive until then is to turn back to God, confess our sins, repent and trust him to heal our land; if not, say goodbye to America!

Wayne Rackley