Letters to the editor 8-24-2012

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Voters deserve the truth
The president is being blamed for political ads that depict Romney as a heartless candidate who would shove grandma off a cliff and also introducing vouchers for seniors to purchase their health benefits on the open market. Romney is accusing the president of taking 716 billion dollars out of the Medicare system and using this money to shore up Obamacare, which, by the wa,y is despised by any politician with an R after his name.
Of course both of these accusations are wrong because the real truth is that these lies and distortions are the results of the Super Pacs gone wild. These Super Pacs were allowed by the Supreme Court’s decision to allow hundreds of millions of dollars to be injected into the political campaigns on all levels.
If you remember correctly, these Supremes have lifetime appointments and they can impose their will with their decisions on all issues that reach their court. This particular issue on money being injected secretly into political campaigns may possible be their worst decision of all time.
Not knowing where this money comes from is only part of the problem. The biggest issue is influencing elections that decide the direction our country is heading politically. You may agree or disagree, but money can and has been influencing election results. What really is scary is that no one knows where this money comes from, it could be groups of Americans, the Chinese, the Russians or just people who want to see our country fail.
Voters deserve the truth and the Supreme Court should admit that they made a mistake with these recent decisions that could and presently is destroying our country. Wake up Supremes, we can see it, why can’t you?
Jerry Segovis

I don’t think he could do it without me!
Now there’s a statement that shows how strong a man can not be. In a TV interview, Ann Romney stated, referring to Mitt Romney, “we are partners, true partners in every sense of the way. I don’t think he could do it without me. I don’t think he could.” Wow, what a statement by a wife whose husband is running for president, or should I say habitual runner for president. She also said that she would not do it again after the 2008 election where John McCain defeated Romney in the primary.
Now, I ask you, who’s the captain of the Romney ship? It sure doesn’t sound like Mitt Romney. Between his wife, the Mormon church, poor tax situation, and Paul Ryan, I don’t see much on the plus side for Romney. Having lived through presidents from Hoover on, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a wife say her husband couldn’t do it without her. Sure, we’ve had strong first ladies, Eleanor Roosevelt, Bess Truman Nancy Reagan and Michelle Obama, but these husbands ran for the office, not their wives.
If I must say, and we do get a package deal here, Ann Romney is no Michelle Obama, far from it. In her interview she seemed angry, bitter, not very nice and not in control of herself. Now this is a person who would have to interact with the American people, and even world leaders, while at her husband’s side.
Not only Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan scare me but Anne Romney as well. She doesn’t even want to release their tax reports. Maybe it’s because the Romneys stated they would gave 10 percent to charities but primarily the Mormon church, and if they released accurate tax reports, they would be out more money.
This tax situation has become a big bugaboo for candidates, Republicans in particular. Michael Dukakis, stated and it’s been confirmed by other Massachusetts residents, that Romney really was a poor governor. Dukakis released six years of his income tax filings, but those who don’t or won’t release their tax returns, surely must have something to hide, say in the Cayman Islands.
The only thing the Republicans can rant on is the Obama health care law, yes, it’s the law. Senior citizens can get free hospice care under the Obama plan, through Medicaid, when they can’t get it now as they have to pay for it. Ah, what a deceiving way the Republicans would like to lead the public down the primrose (thorny) path. One thing is for sure, all of us senior citizens and baby boomers had better send Romney back home, whichever state he calls home now. Who knows? Frankly, Romney scares me more than George W. Bush did and that’s really, really scary.
Bill Ford
Oak Run

Use common sense
 The order to have certain illegals being able to qualify for a driver’s license, Social Security card, work permit, etc. is insane. Thankfully, we have a governor in Arizona who says No!. It would be nice if all governors would follow her example. We have no way of knowing exactly when the illegals got here or even proof of their age. What form of legal identification would they have? I guess we are just to take their word for it. (That is a little bit of sarcasm). Liberals still don’t know the meaning of illegals, they are just interested in getting their vote, which is basically guaranteed in the future. Our media should constantly be putting factual information out that tells just how much these illegals are costing us in both dollars and in crime statistics. Knowing these numbers should put a stop to so many wanting them here in America. Illegal means they have no right to be here, period!
Obama brags on his health care plan hoping that seniors are not smart enough to realize that taking $700 billion out of Medicare will end up costing us more in premiums and limit our benefits. Common sense should tell you this will happen. Others will be getting coverage that we seniors end up paying for. There is no way seniors will benefit by his being in office four more years, and if you don’t realize this fact, we are in serious trouble and deserve what we get.
We are now sixteen trillion dollars in debt , a five trillion increase in less than four years under his watch. We can’t survive without drastically cutting this debt! If we re-elect him, we may increase our debt to twenty trillion over the next four years to pay for all of his programs. Where do you think the money will come from? That should make our children and grandchildren very proud of us for making America the next Greece by 2016.
The simple truth: If we did away with the tax breaks for the so called 1 percent, it wouldn’t make a dent in our deficit, paying for less than nine days. For all who have their hand out for other people’s money, what will you do for the other 356 days? Just where do you think the money is going to be coming from? Keep in mind that government has no money, it’s our tax money. This means we have no choice but to make a huge cut in spending.
Common sense tells us that we should be more interested in our national debt and how our tax dollars are being spent than we are in how Romney spends his own money. It appears that is all the Obama ads have to talk about. Let’s start asking more about Obama’s history including how he wants to spend our money. The next few months should prove very interesting if the media would dare to do that.
May God continue blessing America!
Wayne Rackley