Letters to the editor 6-1-2012

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Oak Run no-walking article was incorrect
I’ve lived in Oak Run for 11 years, and often disagreed with Decca, but with this one they hit a home run. Oak Run is probably the most natural and beautiful community west of I-75. Yep, no sidewalks or Villages type golf cart paths, a natural habitat for birds and animals, but most of all people. You know, there are even people here who want the trees cut down, Thank goodness Decca won’t let trees to be cut down. As a comparison, Bay Hill, where Arnold Palmer lives and where I’ve played his golf course, has no sidewalks or cart paths, and they don’t complain.
I live in the Fountains and on 73rd Circle, the same as the writer, but probably longer. If that person wants to walk, the Circle in the Fountains is 1/2 of a block shy of one (1) mile. Plenty of walking area, plus all the other beautiful neighborhoods. Before my wife had two back surgeries, she walked 2 1/2 miles morning and afternoon and never went on the boulevard.
Now, I’m a veteran of the Korean War, having served on the aircraft carrier USS Leyte CV 32, and this is one veteran who appreciates, and even wrote sometime earlier, that there should be no walking on the boulevard. Taking away my rights, hogwash. This person has absolutely no right to speak for veterans. Will this help save people’s lives, absolutely.
We’re not in Washington, DC, .New York City, or St. Louis, from where I retired as vice president of St. Louis Blue Shield. This is a rural, all natural retirement community, and just because we have two types of senior citizens here, those who are physically old and those mentally old, should tell you something. I wonder if the writer ever served in the service or a war zone or more importantly, ever had to pick up a dead comrade, I have. So, don’t tell me what rights I’m being denied, but think of the sacrifices many of us made so people, like the writer could rant and rave, without making common sense. It should be pointed out, there were even people who would walk the boulevard with golf clubs and swing them at cars if they got to close to them. Now does that take intelligence? Again “C,” or average is not too bright.
There should be accolades to Decca, and I’ll be at the head of the line, for their action rather than criticize them. Who knows, maybe the writer’s life has been saved by the new rule. The next restriction should be to keep bicycles off of the boulevard. Can you imagine 60, 70 or 80 year old people riding bikes on the boulevard? More disasters waiting to happen. I’m 80, and I sure wouldn’t.
Bill Ford
Oak Run

Active residents in Oak Run’s future

They’re coming, they’re coming. Who you may ask? Baby Boomers or as some refer to this age group “Golden Boomers.” These folks will be gravitating to Florida just as generations before them have. But the Boomers are different. They’ve always been different. As they grow in age, their age old habits won’t change. They love hiking, biking, walking, and jogging. When they retire to Florida they will be looking for a place to live that offers easy access to these activities.
Decca needs to wake up and realize that if they want to be competitive in the housing market they need to appeal to these folks. It’s no longer business as usual. Places like the Villages have realized that, and that’s why they are one of the biggest housing success stories in the entire United States. Even impervious to the latest downtrends in the housing market.
I know that Oak Run doesn’t care to be another “Village.” But we could emulate some activities that make them great. Perhaps we should have a lane on the boulevard designated for walkers, bikers and golf carts. Perhaps if we controlled the speed of the cars on the boulevard, and not the pedestrians this would help. Has anyone thought of a few strategically placed speed bumps here and there? Perhaps DECCA management could work with local businesses and traffic management officials and develop access roads for golf carts to visit stores in areas such as Wal-Mart. Perhaps, and this is a crazy idea, how about a dog park?
We’ve lost one of our golf courses. Now that beautiful piece of property just sits there with “no trespassing” signs posted every 50 feet or so. With just a little bit of additional development this would be a great place to walk, and jog, and perhaps even some park benches installed as a resting place along the way. Certainly in that acreage, somewhere, there’s space enough for a dog park.
Notices in our monthly newsletter that basically say, “stay off any, and all property, that does not belong to you” and posting signs on the boulevard restricting all traffic other than automobile do nothing other than create a hostile attitude toward Decca management. As I said above the generation now coming to Florida is an active generation and they will move to areas that cater to these activities. Decca suggests we do our exercising in our back yards and stay off of their property. Well, their 50”X 50” yards will not appeal to, nor contain these folks.
Decca needs to grow, and endorse change. Not hide their head in the sand. They need to look at other retirement communities to see why they are so appealing, and incorporate, as best they can, these activities into Oak Run. Maybe by doing so, we too could maintain and sustain our property values and stop the equity loss that we are all experiencing. Yes, in this day and age it’s no longer business as usual.
Rod George
Oak Run Resident

Our water supply
How can a state that is surrounded by water become a state that can’t supply its residents with clean drinking water? We have been told that there is an unlimited supply of fresh water coming from the aquifer that has supplied Silver Springs for the last several hundred years.
Drought and over pumping has played its part in drying up our most precious resource of an unlimited supply of the purest drinking water in America. I feel that the worst assault on our drinking water is yet to come through our elected politicians.
These appointed and elected representatives who are in charge of this once valuable and precious resource of drinking water may have already made their decision to give a few land owners the rest of the state’s drinking water. I believe that the importance of salvaging what’s left of the water that flows from our aquifers should be left to the voting public and put on the ballot for this fall’s election. Let the people of our state make this all important decision.
I am afraid that the decision has already been made to sell our water to the highest bidder (and that isn’t us) that has purchased the votes with the approval of our pro business politicians in Tallahassee.
Who will admit that they are responsible for the low water levels in our lakes and rivers? Who will admit that our boat docks only lead to empty dust bowls that were once a great place to sit and splash the water with your feet or maybe do a little swimming or fishing?                    
Are you part of the population that can only water your lawn once a week while someone else can drill over 130 new wells into the aquifer for a new cattle ranch that will win approval by our state legislators who own the votes of our state water board? These same people have allowed well water and spring water to be bottled and sold back to us with the profits going to a few business owners.
Our state’s water supply should be saved by the voting public and not left to the politicians to decide.
Jerry Segovis

Fix government
Occupy Wall Street and The Tea Party agree the government is broken, and so is Wall Street. They are both in need of repair. How, is the question?
While these groups agree on issues, they disagree on solutions, and tactics.
The Tea Party wants peaceful tactics and resolution. Through the ballot, and the repeal of offending laws, The Federal Reserve Law 1913. For one. Pulling out of the UN, a money pit of the highest magnitude. All our money buys us nothing but hate, the infringement of our sovereignty.
We are paying for our own political rape, and murder. Is this what we want? I prefer to cut out the diseased parts, and save the good stuff, like freedom, and God given rights.
OWS wants blood, and socialism. Who is the more mature? More knowledgeable? More reasonable? More deserving of your vote?
What tactics do ordinary citizens prefer? If you have a preference, you had better step up to the plate, and vote, or you might never have a choice, again. Dictatorship holds no fascination for me.
We are on the precipice. Do we fall over the cliff, or save ourselves?
What will you do the day after our money becomes worthless? You will be penniless, unable to pay a bill, or buy a loaf of bread?
Think long and hard about, what you want. Vote Smart!
D.I. Larson