Letters to the editor 4-6-2012

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One (1) Mill Property Tax,
A Travesty to Homeowners

A couple things happened this past week regarding Munroe Regional Medical Center (MRMC). First, I ran into Butch Verrando, a Republican, Tea Party member outside the Friendship Public Library. I presume he was wanting enough names to get on the ballot, he never told me so. I asked him his position regarding MRMC and it was soon apparent he had no experience with hospital management or funding. He felt it should be sold. I’m not endorsing anyone but Pat Gabriel seems to know what needs to be done by the County Commission and in particular, what will affect those of us living in the 200 Corridor.
Second, comes the article regarding a one (1) mill fee on homeowners to help support MRMC. After reading this, I realize we’re far from a resolution. Right now, homeowners are bearing the greater part of the tax burden of financing Marion County. To add a one mill, or $1 per assessed $1,000 of property value to finance a 10-year bond against homeowners, is tantamount to going to the same well over and over again. Don’t people realize a great portion of homeowners in Ocala are senior citizens living on a fixed income? It seems the great generation is still carrying the burden for the “let someone else do it generation.”
What about those freeloaders who pay no taxes, nor pay for any type of health care, and have multiple babies by multiple parents, plus don’t work and feel the world owes them something. But they can buy booze and cigarettes. These people go to a hospital and the welfare department and expect to be taken care of, now.
Granted the 1/2 cent sales tax would not garner as much money for MRMC, but a sales tax is equitable to all residents of Marion County, plus what we get from tourists. It appears we’re still grasping at straws. I’ve had great respect for the hospital board. Steve Purvis and his staff are doing a great job. Kulbar Ghumman on many occasions has shown great empathy and spoken eloquently on behalf of MRMC. Probably the worst members on the hospital board are lawyers, as they always look out for number one, themselves.
Finally, I also heard, those of us on Social Security are receiving “entitlements.” You are absolutely right, we are “entitled” to getting our own money back we invested for 60 to 70 years, plus its accrued interest, in my case for 64 years. When I turned 16 years old in 1947, I started paying social security as well as income tax. Franklin Roosevelt developed Social Security to insure those people reaching retirement age, would have a comfortable income. It was a Social Security fund only, not a discretionary fund to be raided by the Republicans and put in the general fund. Don’t forget the key word here is “Security.”
As I said earlier, each year thereafter I paid into the fund. After I got out of the navy after serving during the Korean War, and as I made more money, I always paid the maximum, and my money accrued interest. You people out there who are uninformed don’t realize, that we, the last of the great generation, were paying into our retirement fund long before you were born. Plain and simple.
President Obama is trying to do the same for health care for those who not now have health care and having to be carried by those of us who do. Yep folks, Social Security was required and thank God it was, just as President Obama is trying to see that all Americans have health care. We had huge success with Social Security, so what’s to prevent Obama’s health care program from being successful. I really think it’s due to the generation gap between the “great generation” and the more uninformed present day permissive generation.
You know those of us who are part of the last great generation are still supporting the present day generation in one way or another. Maybe, everyone should be required to buy a home so they could be taxed the one mill for the next 10 years, pay their fair share and then it would be more equitable.
By the way, here in Florida, I helped bring Medicare to life in 1965 and the public said it would never work, but it has, quite successfully. Having spent my life in the health care and not-for-profit fields as well as lobbying the Florida and Georgia legislatures, worked for the House of Representatives, served on an advisory committee to Governor Zell Miller of Georgia, and serving on President Kennedy’s Inaugural Committee, I guess you might say, I’ve been around a bit. But this is not about me, it’s about Marion County and MRMC, and its wants and needs. MRMC needs our help and we should all want to help “our hospital.” by spreading that responsibility equitably throughout our area.
Bill Ford
Oak Run

County candidate
I haven’t really thought much about who I’m going to vote for in the upcoming Marion County Commission election, but one thing I know for sure is who I’m not going to vote for, and that is Butch Verrando, a candidate for the 5th district seat. In a recent article in the Citizen, Verrando, when asked a question about development at C.R. 318 and I-75, replied that it’s so “Lots of University of Florida college professors can come down here and pollute our county with liberals.” It’s what he thinks of the voters in the 5th district. You can bet if he’s elected, which I hope he won’t be, he will devote his time and effort to his conservative friends and not to the liberals in the district.
Jim Rogers

Many middle and upper class blacks are beginning to speak out about the welfare class. One of the best books is: Uncle Sam’s Plantation by Star Parker. She really rips into the topic. Holds nothing back. This is a universal issue around which many can agree. The indigent cannot continue their free ride on the backs of others.
The divide becomes more between upper, and lower class rather than between races. The issues are morals, diligence, socialization skills, intellect (God’s contribution) and family structure.
Does the upper class have the right to exploit the lower class? Absolutely not! What then is a proper code of conduct for all?
Not any of the failed isms, Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, or any other disaster. Been there done these. Did not work.
How about something new! Fiarnessism! Everyone working to be the best they can be, without seeking unfair advantage? Beats the blood bath we experience every few years, instigated by blood lusters, race hustlers, and religious debunkers.
Is it worth a try? No race or class trying to stick it to one another. Are we evolved and mature enough to try something new? Anything beats another blood bath.
What was all that education about? When do we get our bang for our buck? Did anyone learn anything, besides Socialism, and Marxism?
Did anyone study democracy?
D.I. Larson