Letters to the editor 4-20-2012

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True justice
In our judicial system, one is presumed innocent until proven guilty by a jury of his/her peers. I don’t understand how people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson can come into our state and viciously stir up racial unrest and pure hatred without being arrested for inciting a riot. We don’t know all the details of our “infamous” shooting which resulted in a teenager’s death, and neither do they. They came here specifically to fan the fires of racism. Where were they in other incidents that were even more violent? Where is their outrage over the delay in prosecuting the Fort Hood shooter for instance?
The news media has added to the problem by continually showing two contrasting pictures of both the shooter and the victim. If that is not a direct attempt to add fuel to the fire explain why you are doing that. Supposedly the black panthers have been making threats of violence, if this is true, where are the arrests being made? We just had two incidents in the Gainesville area of a number of black men assaulting a white man who confronted a thief, is this the type behavior our media and Black leaders want to promote?
The media and both Sharpton and Jackson should be ashamed of themselves for being the ringleaders in this so called “call for justice,” and give our system a chance to work. As it stands right now, I see no way this man will get a fair trial, since he has already been convicted with calls for his prosecution.
Frankly, I don’t believe any of the above hypocrites are that interested in this shooting other than self promotion and to put our State’s “Stand Your Ground Law” under the national microscope to have it modified or outright repealed. Numerous articles have already appeared regarding the increase in the number of criminals shot to death by armed individuals who were protecting themselves from said criminals. I guess these troublemakers would be happier if the innocent victim were injured or killed. Go back to your state, we can take care of Florida, give the system a chance to work, and stop causing more problems.
Wayne Rackley

Saving jobs vs. creating jobs
Why isn’t saving jobs considered the same as creating jobs. Is it because the unemployed people don’t count to the states, only their current work force seems to matter? When President Obama gave a trillion dollars back to the states to use to create jobs, the states used this money to shore up their own budgets and keep their own people working rather than creating new jobs.
These same states who used this money to pay state employees to remain on the payroll rather than create jobs and employ new people. The focus is to blame the president for what the states did in not creating new jobs but rather they used this money to protect themselves and their budget. The president still gets the blame for not creating jobs and the states look like heroes.
There is no credit given to this administration for just saving jobs because these people were already working and their saved jobs don’t seem to count in this terrible economy. We are not using stimulus money to create jobs but just to remain with the status quo of staying even.
The business community has already created all the jobs they planned on creating, they just happen to be in foreign countries.
Jerry Segovis