Letters to the Editor

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By The Staff

The political playground is still run by the 'big boys'

The Democratic Party rejected Hillary and then dumped her – but now dear ladies, they want your votes. So, like good little girls, do what you are told, tend to your knitting, needlepoint and Tupperware – and leave politics to the “big boys.”

If Hillary ran as an Independent on a third party ticket she would win. She has the votes of the middle class, the blue collar workers, women, seniors and Hispanics.

Hillary won big time in New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Puerto Rico, South Dakota, and Michigan and Florida. So why isn’t she on the ticket?

She was winning in state after state and Howard Dean told her to quit “for the good of the party,” because they wanted the “wonder kid” instead. Then the Democratic Party played that ancient board game, “let the delegates choose the nominee,” not the people.

If George Washington came back today, and saw the delegates doing business like the lobbyists on K Street, he would want another revolution.

Most working Americans have neither the time nor the leisure to read the lengthy biographies of political candidates. They get their information from the evening television news.

If what Americans get is biased, opinionated, and planted, then it is not news – it is propaganda. If information is suppressed, it is censorship. The media is infatuated with Obama and there are those who want to carry his book bag for him and his lunchbox as well.

There is that sweet young thing reporting the election news on CNN who gleefully tells us of Hillary’s “last gasp” just when Hillary has won in four more states. And don’t you just love the big guy on CNN tripping over his maps and charts as he has been telling us for weeks that Obama has it all locked up.

Compared to evening television news, the National Inquirer deserves the Pulitzer Prize and Saturday Night Live deserves another Emmy Award for news.

The women in this country who fail to see Hillary as a viable candidate for president are not truly liberated females. Charlie’s Angels and Sex in the City are only make-believe, after all, and women still need to be “rescued” by a dominant male figure.

These women still need a “Big Daddy” in the White House. Thought we had come a long way from that Street Car Named Desire, and Blanche DuBois and “I’ve always been dependent on the kindness of strangers.” Apparently not.

“Change” can mean – out of the frying pan and into the fire. Wealthy Americans can always pack up their money and move to Europe. The rest of us poor suckers have “guns and religion.”

As for that dear, funny Father Flagle of Chicago and his amusing little sideshow mocking Hillary, he is the reason why nuns go over the wall. The bishops gave him a tap on the wrist. But don’t they need missionaries in Las Vegas?

With Hillary, what you see is what you get. Kitchen table issues, jobs, health insurance, big oil, bring home the troops and rebuild America. Obama is the new caped crusader – Batman, Spiderman, Superman. Hollywood hasn’t been this excited since James Dean. As for the Republicans, they wouldn’t know a kitchen table if it fell on them.

The suicide rate among American troops in Iraq has hit a new high. At the Iraqi battlefront, 115 soldiers killed themselves in 2007. Yet the Republicans refuse to hang a light at the end of this long, black tunnel called Iraq.

Hillary can get the job done but the Democratic Party won’t let her into this private, exclusive men’s club. All she got from the Democrats is, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” And they want her to be “gone with the wind.”

Is that any way to treat a lady?

Helen Bader

Oak Run

‘You can’t disassociate

Israel from the Bible’

I take pen in hand and address the issue of historical distortion in the letter section of your paper of June 6, titled “Are fundamentalists and the modern world compatible?”

I will not discuss the first few paragraphs which attempt to advance its liberal theology. Also as a Bible teacher of many years, in the U.S. and England, I find the quotes from scripture rather pathetic.

But to frame this incredible agenda I quote one paragraph: “We must disassociate our biblical connection with Israel to effectively deal with the quandary which is Palestine, a Muslim nation from 70 A.D. until 1948, when Christian Europe and America decided to summarily displace its population to make a place for the Jewish people.”

This ranks right up there with the person who wants to teach terrorists to sing, dance and laugh.

1) You can’t disassociate Israel from the Bible. Israel is the birthplace of the Bible.

2) Palestine, a Muslim nation from 70 A.D.?

a) The word Palestine was invented by a Roman general in 135 A.D. when he changed the name of Judea to Syria-Palestina – a translation from the Greek; “the land of Philistines.”

b) Mohammad was not born until 570 A.D. So there has never been a Muslim nation of Palestine, and there was no such thing as a Muslim on earth. Furthermore, the Muslim armies did not capture Jerusalem until 638 A.D.

3) The Palestinian population was displaced in 1948?

a) In 1948, Israel became a nation “again” and was born by “mandate of the United Nations’. Since the word Palestinian was never heard of in 1948, they could not be displaced. Israel invited the locals to stay, which is why more than 1 million Arabs live in Israel and prosper.

Tom Waite


They need our

votes to survive

Our current Congress, the House and Senate, have become the controlling branch of our federal government. They make the set of laws we live by and a different set of rules they govern us by. These rules give congressmen an exemption from some of our laws.

Their ability to raise large campaign contributions from special interest groups without incurring criminal charges, debase our political and justice systems. Using techniques that would bring charges of bribery to the average citizen or businessman, our congressmen sell the power and influence of their offices to special interest groups by providing three services. They adjust laws to provide exemptions, they create laws to provide government payments and they influence other government agencies to provide protection or advantage.

The four sources for their campaign funds are personal contributions, voter contributions, political action committees (PAC), and lobbyists. Personal and voter contributions are negligible in comparison to funds from the PACs and lobbyists.

The Congress, by creating this system, has given each of its members an excellent chance of remaining in office indefinitely. Reelection and obtaining the funds to finance their campaigns are their primary objective. Insuring the government meets the needs of their large campaign contributors is their second objective.

The candidates who spend the most money win 90 percent of all congressional races. They also change their rules at any opportunity for political or monetary gain.

Last summer Congress updated its ethics rules. This spring they bent these new rules by offering to sell themselves to any special interest group at their presidential nomination conventions this fall. This blatant public display of political graft and corruption shows Congress has no fear of retribution for its actions.

For years we have passively accepted their excesses as part of our everyday life. We jokingly dismiss all their lying and money scandals as being part of our political system. It is time that we, as voters, make some changes.

Our Constitution gives equal power to the legislative, judicial and executive branches. However the Supreme Court has never questioned the validity of congressional rules, only their own laws.

Congress just overrode President Bush’s veto of their “farm bill,” showing the inability of any president to curtail their wasteful spending. We are the only existing means to control the Congress.

Do not feel helpless in our ability to eliminate this evil. They have their rules but we have the votes they need to survive.

With your vote, my vote, and a lot of other votes we can get it done. Get prepared, tell your friends and vote damn it – vote.

Bill Farthing


Bush to get retirement

perks instead of rebukes

The Senate Intelligence Committee reported June 5, that President George W. Bush and his top policy makers misstated Saddam Hussein’s links to terrorism and ignored doubts among intelligence agencies about his WMD programs as they made a case to invade Iraq. Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan writes in a new memoir that President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and top staff members sold the Iraq war to the American people on false premises.

The consensus is that Bush believed the Iraq war would be short lived and saw his opportunity to create a legacy of greatness by establishing a toehold for democracy in the Middle East. Bottom line: Iraq posed no immediate threat to the United States and the war was unnecessary,

The fact Bush ordered deployment of the finite all volunteer U.S. Army, Marine Corps, National Guard, and Reserve units into Iraq in March 2003, believing Iraqi oil revenue would pay most of the cost is rather convincing evidence he expected the war would be relatively short lived. Cheney believed our troops would be welcomed as liberators and showered with flowers.

Bush did not attempt to mobilize the country for war in Afghanistan or Iraq, as was the case with President Roosevelt during WW II. He made no requests for Americans to make any sacrifices whatsoever to support the war effort and encourage citizens to volunteer for duty in our military services.

Obviously, Bush and his cohorts believed such extreme measures were unnecessary for the world’s only super power to effect regime change in Iraq while also disposing of the al-Qaida terrorist network in Afghanistan.

Well, the world’s only superpower, abandoned by most by most of its friends and allies, commenced its sixth year of war in Iraq on March 19, with no end in sight. Yet, most Americans remain absolutely unaware of the seriously degraded condition of our military forces, especially the finite all volunteer ground forces doing the heavy lifting in Iraq for more than five years.

Thanks to their commander in chief, President Bush, and Vice President Cheney, et al, continually telling Americans we are wining the war in Iraq. We were told to be patient and concern ourselves with shopping to insure continued expansion of our robust economy.

Bush frequently commented on his tax cuts but never mentioned paying for war with debt. The unnecessary war in Iraq now tops $700 billion and increases at a rate $12 billion each month. Interestingly, the Iraqis are banking their oil revenues.

Bush will leave the presidency in seven months, after eight years having a free hand creating major problems for the United States. Yet, incredibly, die-hard Republicans high-fived themselves over his job performance and fervently hope and pray John Mc Cain will be his proxy for a third term.

Despite the mess he created, Bush will take a severance agreement just like those routinely handed to CEOs of failed corporations. Moreover, as the stockholders of failed corporations are left holding the bag, we Americans are stuck with Bush’s Iraq war of choice, our national debt doubled to $10 trillion, an $800 billion trade deficit, billion dollar budget deficits, and a southbound economy.

Oh, yes, we also get record high gas prices and 15 million illegal aliens who took advantage of his open border policy with Mexico.

He will resume his avocation of brush-cutting, with a federal pension of $191,300 plus a boat load of requisite perks, which is a pretty good deal for a job disapproval rating of 71 percent today, and possibly, even worse by January 2009.

Democratic lawmakers say there is too little time to impeach Bush and Cheney. Most Republican lawmakers are rejoicing over that scenario.

Consequently, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and certain cabinet members will likely experience no significant public rebuke for their culpability in the deaths of more than 4,000 GIs, 30,000 wounded and thousands of innocent Iraqis killed in an unnecessary war in Iraq. They will offer no regrets or apologies for their devious actions and Americans will simply have to suck it up and move on.

Tom Spencer


Let’s put job

issues on the ballot

The economy should be the No. 1 issue with both candidates running for president of the United States. There is much talk about sending jobs overseas but there is little action to keep these jobs here where they would help American families.

The unemployment rate is rising, people are losing their homes, workers can’t afford gas to get to work and we are debating on how many illegals we should allow in this country to take our jobs.

Democrats favor illegal immigrants taking work away from Americans and also lowering the wage structure for our workers, so businesses can improve their profit margin. Because of corporations moving overseas there are only so many jobs left available for the American worker, so why should we give these jobs to someone that is in our country illegally?

How about this to help the economy? Let Americans have the good paying jobs that are still in America rather than giving them to illegal immigrants.

How about this to help the economy? Let’s put this issue on the ballot for this fall’s elections so we can show our elected representatives how we really feel.

Jerry Segovis


Enough is enough of

modern robber barons

For the last eight years we have been watching the collapse of the middle class and have slowly watched the super rich get richer and richer. It is sad to watch American democracy being taken over and ruled by a minority that derives its power from the rich speculators and corporate lobbyists and interests awhile most of us remain complacent enjoying our modern luxuries for now.

Reality is that lobbyists working for large corporate interests finance our president and Congress, and we find it difficult to break this cycle.

Face the facts, America has gone through this same era in the early 1900s with its robber barons who controlled large trusts of big steel, railroads, and oil and mining interests. The labor unions fought tooth and nail to bring a decent wage to the workers of America, and finally brought about a middle class.

This was not done because of the generosity of these robber barons. It happened because we were in a great depression and a new courageous president stepped forward and changed the laws. He gave us Social Security; right-to-work laws, anti-trust laws, ended child labor, and put the people back to work. Many of us today derived our wealth from these past laws and nothing else.

We now feel content that as consumers we can pay for the luxuries our parents never had. Think carefully of what is now happening and ask: are your children going to enjoy the same advantages you had?

We are already facing similar problems today. We are reverting backward to recession and hopefully not depression. The middle class is unable to cope with mounting inflation and the loss of jobs outside of America.

Our country needs a real change as we had back in the 1930s. We need a leader with progressive ideas to experiment and change the balance of power in this country that has shifted from the middle class to the wealthy.

Salaries by large CEOs and hedge fund managers of millions of dollars are unheard of in the rest of the world. The trickle-down effect has not worked and will never work.

All the middle class seeks is a decent job with wages they can live on. Today that job of a machinist for $15 to 20 an hour has been lost to a job in McDonald’s or Wal-Mart for $6 an hour. Can anyone live on those wages today?

America’s problems with energy, foreign competition, the war in Iraq, and loss of jobs all await new solutions not the same old ones.

Bill and Estelle Marder

Oak Run