Letters to the editor 3-9-2012

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It’s not free
Just because you don’t have to pay for it doesn’t mean it is free. Someone has to pay the bill and no, the Insurance Company will not end up paying for it either. Every expense the company has is covered by the income received (premiums from those of us who pay our way), and if the expenses rise, so do our premiums.
The federal and local governments raise our taxes.
So much has been made of the question of Catholic hospitals having to pay birth control expenses, and that is ridiculous.
I would guess 90 percent of us believe in birth control, but I have never thought it was the responsibility of someone else to pay for it.
Pay for your own birth control! I question why the majority of women would believe government has the right to invade their privacy on such a matter. This is a family issue and should be treated as such.
When we go down the road of “free,” where does it end? I get so tired of hearing, ”oh the government pays for it,” be it health care, housing, food, or whatever. Our taxes should not be based on our government’s being in the charity business.
It’s not my or your responsibility to pay for the above expenses unless we choose to do so.
That is what charity is about, taking care of our loved ones when in need, through our local church, organizations set up for same, and our own families.
We should always remember that the government doesn’t have money, it is the taxpayers’ money.
We raised and educated five children and it was a struggle. However, we never held our hand out or thought others should pay for their housing, schooling or health care.
 They were/are our responsibility and we were to take care of their needs.
We have too many now searching for a government program to pay the way and that is not what individual responsibility is about.
I am not talking about those who are truly in need, and there is a big difference. We have good programs in place for the truly needy, not for those who just use the system, holding their hand out.
This has to stop!
The above problems are magnified with the introduction of Obama Care.
I sincerely request you thoroughly read it, if you do, there is no way you will approve what it does to our hospitals, doctors and to us as individuals.
It is designed to destroy our health system through regulation, it is about more government power and it will take away our freedom more than anyone can imagine.
Read it!!!
Wayne Rackley

Birth control
As for the Sandra Fouke birth control contraception issue a few points.
To begin with, seeing her portrayed as a college student doesn't wash.
She's no 18-year-old coed but an older-than-most law student of 30 or 31.
Also she doesn't come across as too swift with her very excessive and comical contraception cost.
This has nothing to do with health issues but the public paying for sex in our handout society.
Today, we have people that knock success (being rich), reward mediocrity and failure with a president who apologies for our country to anyone over anything.
Sad but true and let's hope things start changing in November.
Bob Cronin
Oak Run