Letters to the editor 3-30-2012

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Once is enough
This applies to three important issues that face us today, beginning with the unfortunate incident involving Sgt. Bales in Afghanistan.
It is a terrible injustice that this man or anyone has to serve more than one tour in a war zone, declared or undeclared. This was his fourth tour and that in itself is criminal. The mental turmoil combat veterans are subjected to can cause psychological problems those of us who haven’t gone through and can’t imagine. There is no doubt this honorable man snapped and needs to be treated accordingly. He deserves hospital treatment, not prison time!
If we are going to engage in these “wars,” then reinstate the draft. We can’t expect the same men and women to keep going back over and over again, risking their lives and witnessing their fellow soldiers being wounded or killed. While I served in the Army years ago, I was fortunate not to be in combat and can’t imagine the mental stress and fatigue these brave souls have been put through. In fact, if I were in charge, I would bring them all home now, these “wars” are not worth another American life.
Next, there is no reason all of us should not have to present an ID in order to vote in an election. We must have IDs for a driver’s license, getting a bank account, hospital admission, etc.
The only reasons for not having an ID are you are illegal or want to vote several times or both. I remember the young woman with Acorn who admitted she voted 18 times in the 2008 election. We all know when Election Day arrives, if there is a problem going to the polls, get an absentee ballot, but you can only vote once. We must stop this fraud from again getting to the ballot box. If you are caught cheating, do jail time!
Lastly, this needs to apply to Obama! There is no way this man should be re-elected to a second term. Forget party, just look at what he wants for America and his record. I will never understand how any Christian, Israelite, military personnel, and others who love our country and its Constitution could vote for this man. If he wins a second term, we won’t recognize America in another four years. It’s that serious! God bless America!
Wayne Rackley

Hypocritical outcry
While there is a loud justified outcry in the Trayvon Martin case, there is also a hypocritical aspect.
That said, the protest over this is being led by Al Sharpton, the instigator in the infamous Tawana Brawley case.
That case turned out to be a big hoax with Sharpton falsely accusing a white district attorney. The attorney took him to court, won a judgment, racial activist Rev. Al was fined and then moved on like nothing happened.
He ended up being put on a pedestal by his followers and the liberal media.
MSNBC it figures, has him on that network as a nightly anchor host.
Who said, if you work hard and be good, you will be rewarded?
Bob Cronin
Oak Run

When is enough, enough?
What would life be like under a smaller government, if we took all of the corruption out of government?
You cannot begin to imagine how much money is wasted. Read: The Creature from Jekyll Island, and Enemies: The history of the FBI, just to get a smattering of what goes on in Washington. Then multiply that by the number of agencies, and departments in D,C. Mind numbing.
What could “We the People” do with all that money? It is our money.
No need to overthrow our government, just fix it, intelligently, and peacefully. Read and you will see what needs to be fixed. The Federal Reserve cartel must go. We cannot dislodge them without legislators of good character and stamina.
Get us out of the UN, IMF, and World Bank. All we are is their piggy bank, and for that we get manured.
We are being financially raped every day. When is enough, enough? What will it take to make you screaming mad? What do you have against keeping your money, and spending it as you please?
If taxes were lower, wages could be higher, and we can put in a regulation of that sort. They regulate everything else. Why not wages? If businesses get a tax break, they should give higher wages.
Obesity is a problem not just for citizens, but for our government especially. Think it is the 50,000 pound pig. Should we put it on a diet? I think that is a splendid idea. What do you think?
D.I. Larson

Special thanks to
Forest High School

LifeSouth would like to offer a special thank you to the students and faculty of Forest High School. It is the largest school in our community, and it has a huge heart.
At a blood drive on March 8, LifeSouth collected 192 units of blood. The percentage of participation at the school was two to three times greater than the national average, in which only about 5 percent of Americans donate regularly. Blood donation is an important way students learn to help people right here at home. It’s a civics lesson in community involvement, and the Wildcats earned an A+.
They’ve set an example that other schools here in Marion County could follow. We say thank you, and we are confident the patients and families helped by those donations are grateful as well.
Colleen Coleman
LifeSouth Community Blood Centers