Letters to the editor 3-16-2012

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Invisible, irrelevant
I read an article in the Tampa Bay Times dated March 8 where the Democrats in the Florida House and Senate feel that they are invisible and irrelevant. While this is true they must realize that the general electorate does not read or understand politics especially Florida politics where the minority rules.
While the Democrats hold the majority number of voters in their party, the Republican and Independents understand how to vote and make their votes count. I agree that recently the minority Democratic party in the House and Senate have stopped many of the harmful bills introduced by the Republicans but the public is unaware of their actions.
There is very little publicity that is allowed outside of Tallahassee that is not beneficial to the Republican Party, and if a blurb does escape from time to time the Democrat electorate does not understand what is being done to them. The Democratic Party in Florida does not understand that this is their state also and if you want something you must fight for it.
The Democratic Party does not know how to organize a grass roots campaign to represent the people and are afraid to fight where they might possibly lose an election.
By not fighting, you have already lost!
Jerry Segovis

Peaceful vs. violent
Another political perspective: Who are the good guys, and who are the bad guys? What criteria can we use?
How about: Peaceful vs violent? Who wants to resolve issues peacefully, and who wants chaos, revolution, turmoil, and blood?
That seems a pretty good yardstick by which to measure politics. Don’t you think? How many opt for peaceful? How many for Bloodshed?  If it is to be your blood? Now, how many?
This is the 21st century? Can we ever expect to see a day when the call for violent revolution will cease? Will this century be that time? Not when we are looming on the verge of another holocaust.
Will humans ever be free from the scourge of “Bloodlusters,” or, will we be saddled with them forever? Do we have a choice? I think we do. We just have to smarten up. Recognize the nasties when they appear, and say “NO.”
The nasties are at work right now, can’t you spot them? What will it take? They are the ones calling for violence, and blood. See, that is not so hard. Get your antennae out there. You can find them. Who is out there leaving a trail of debris, and bodies? See how easy it is.
Saying “no” is hard, but practice, practice, and it will begin to roll off the tongue. No more blood. On Pages 22 & 23 of The Devil’s Delusions there is a table of the lives lost since 1914. Total it up, and it comes close to 300 million people, exterminated. Are we rats, or mice, or people? Nothing is worth more bloodshed. Enough already.
D.I. Larson


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