Letters to the Editor

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By The Staff

Poverty in the world’s

richest country

We owe it to ourselves, as the richest country in the world, to protect our people. If we can put billions of dollars per day into this war in Iraq – ending lives – then we must put the same effort into our own well-being – saving lives.

Last fall President Bush vetoed the children’s health bill – the additional cost of that program would have been less than 10 percent of what the administration has spent on its war in Iraq so far. If there was ever a need to confirm the moral bankruptcy of this administration and those who still support it, that need has been fulfilled in that single act of blind obedience to a failed political agenda.

Our government must begin to alleviate the tremendous health care cost burden that families in America are facing. Medical debt is the cause of most bankruptcies today.

If our representatives were truly religious, as they purport to be, our poor would have adequate health care and the U.S. would not be at war. The hypocrisy of our supposedly religious elected leaders is never so evident as when they refuse to provide health care for children, or for those who cannot afford insurance, while their own very adequate health care is ensured.

The U.S. is currently the wealthiest nation in the history of the world. It controls almost 80 percent of the world’s resources, but has roughly only 6 percent of the world’s population. So, why is there poverty and lack of health care, and homelessness in our country?

There is no excuse for poverty in our world. We have enough resources to take care of all our needs. We cannot continue to allow people to be without the necessities of life, no matter where they live and for whatever reason.

As the richest and most powerful nation in the world, we have a moral responsibility to end this atrocity. We are the only industrialized nation that still allows hunger within its borders.

If people have no money for food, then they have none for health care insurance, or adequate housing. More than 35 million Americans faced hunger in 2006, an increase of 2.5 million from 2005. The trend has been toward more poverty in 2007, and now in 2008.

If our economy has done so well up until recently (and the government is reluctant to acknowledge even now that we are in a recession), why weren’t we all included in this “booming” economy?

When I read almost daily of the hunger and homelessness and inadequate health care here in our country that continues to go unaddressed because our resources are being wasted in a purposeless, tragic, illegal, never-ending conflict in Iraq, I have to ask myself what our brave men and women are actually fighting and dying for.

Lee Wiggins


Our political woes,

in prose

Vote for McCain and we will get more of the same.

As a country, we deserve what we get. But democracy has been corrupted by the ruling regime. A working man has to survive, and those important matters like food and shelter take priority over being politically active.

The uninformed citizen should take responsibility for their choices. But it is not a true representation of what happened.

The voting process has been corrupted and information distorted.

The democratic process is not dead, it is just shackled by methods of the greedy and ruling regime.

This is just another cycle where the greedy and foolish get themselves in a bind. The rich will find a way to have the working class pay their bills.

Bill and Estelle Marder

Oak Run

Hillary is

power hungry

Teflon Queen Hillary Clinton continues marching on as if Whitewater, filegate and travelgate etc. never existed. Now we have more evasiveness with her income tax returns. Like if or when she will release them.

America better wake up because Hillary will do anything and everything to gain power. Hopefully, we will not have this vicious woman with her plastic Ipana smile in the White House.

Bob Cronin


Legislature made gravy

to double dip in

We have all been reading in our local newspapers how 8,000 state employees are allowed to work and receive their full pay along with their full retirement benefits and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses, all at the same time.One recipient even stated “I hope they don’t take it back because I have developed a certain standard of living.”

This would seem laughable if it wasn’t so sad and unfortunate for the residents of Florida. This opportunity to double and triple dip became law in 2001 when lawmakers amended this bill on the last day of the session to enrich themselves and other state employees.

Even though the state is in desperate need of funds to continue on educational and other necessary programs our state staff attorneys don’t believe they can legally take pensions or jobs away from those already double dipping. The attorneys feel they can stop these programs for the future and force elected officials and judges to choose between salaries or retirement benefits.

Wow, these attorneys must be good. How about a new law to stop this nonsense?

Florida is already known to have one of the worst educational systems in the country despite what Gov. (Jeb) Bush told us during his terms in office as the education governor. We all know that our future depends on our children and we need educational programs such as the Florida Bright Futures program and the Florida Resident Access Grant program to allow our children to be competitive in today’s world.

Check your phone book and contact your State Legislature to continue these programs despite the harm caused by continuous tax cuts of past administrations.

Do you want your children knocking on the door to success or knocking in a door to larceny?

Jerry Segovis