Letters to the editor 2-10-12

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Where’s the rest of the beef?
Secretary of Defense Panetta has given the nation a peek at the defense budget for next year. In it is a down payment for a cut of $487B over the next 10 years – a cut of $52B in FY13. Cuts vary across the spectrum – tens of thousands of troops; hundreds of aircraft, about 10 ships, cutbacks in production lines in ships and submarines, planes, satellites, ground vehicles, and more. The Defense Department has stepped forward to do its part to pare down government spending and help reduce the deficit. However, where is the rest of the government?
At about $515B per year, DOD accounts for less than 20 percent of total government spending. While I don’t recommend it, we could cut every dollar from DOD and still have deficits of $800-900B per year. We have to find ways to cut other parts of the government and to get efficient deliverance of goods and services to our citizens. It is not sufficient to ask DOD for cuts … without making other departments also participate.
The Administration has for the past several months decried cuts of federal spending that was paying for local police, fire, and teachers. These are local responsibilities. Isn’t it time for us to decry cuts of the ultimate first responders – our Service men and women. After all, the Preamble to the Constitution says: “ … Provide for the Common Defense, Promote the general welfare …” – not the other way around. Something to think about.
Mike Emig
Air Force Association

No education is dangerous
Often promoters of abortion are so involved with their personal agenda that they fail to consider all facets of the subject. Recently, a woman’s letter regarding abortion was published by another local newspaper. In her letter and in her own words she “demands an end to attacks on the rights of women.” She fails to recognize that approximately half of all aborted unborn are women. So her defense is only for the rights of a special group of women, but not for all women. She defends the “issue of privacy and personal choice” for women, but the defense is limited to this special group, the already-born women. This is the typical and lame argument that is regularly heard from the abortion industry.
All opinion polls show that more than half of society today consider themselves against abortion to some degree. These opinions include not just “right wing Republicans” but Independents and thinking Democrats. It is not just opinions based on religious beliefs, but is based on research which spans the spectrum of scientific beliefs. Current sonogram science reveals the development of the unborn and removes all doubt concerning the personhood at the earliest gestation level.
It is said that a little education can be dangerous; no education is even more dangerous, especially to the unborn.
Mabel Ryan
President Life Education Ministry, Inc.

Say no to evil
Can we all agree that Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Fidel, etc. were evil, and wrought untold misery during their sojourn on this earth.
Why, then are some so blind to the new crop of misery merchants of today, hell-bent on another wave of misery, and killing? It is about to happen again, and the useful idiots are yelling “Bring it on.”
There so much literature out there spelling out the shenanigans of the Power Lusters, and Useful Idiots in each generation. We are no exception. We have our Power Lusters, and Useful Idiots. Are they going to get away with it again, or, will it stop with this generation?
From the looks of things, this will not be the smart generation who puts a stop to mayhem, and slaughter. Humans seem to be oblivious to evil.
How many times do we have to see piles of skulls, or bodies to learn what that means? This is acceptable human behavior?
Is that what you want? Fighting over a few trillion dollars is not worth one ounce of freedom. Humans have striven for centuries for freedom, and there are those who would sell it for a few paltry dollars. How short sighted.
Who would you rather believe, and put your trust in: God or Power Lusters, or, Useful Idiots?
If you choose God, he might just need a little help from each one of us.
We need to just say no to evil.
D.I. Larson

Learn about candidates
As an elderly person I would like to live without loss of affordable food, shelter, clothing, Social Security and Medicare.
I want my children, my grandchildren and their successive progeny to be able to live when they are elderly.
Many corporations no longer pay taxes.
I want to vote for a person who has voted for me. I do not want to vote for a person who sounds good but never voted for me in spite of what they say when they talk into the camera.
I do not care who that person is or what designation they carry. Only the past votes count because what they did in the past is what they will do in the future.
You can’t learn the truth from a debate similar to a TV show. You can find out on your computer, name complaint.
Alan Gold