Letters to the editor 12-9-2011

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Herman Cain gives in
Today a good man gave in. I don’t care whether or not you supported Herman Cain, but you should be upset over the fact that he has been forced from running for president. Why? Because it’s been proven that any good man or woman who wishes to run for public office in this country today can be taken out of the running simply by means of accusation. Not proof …  just accusation.
It reminds me of when George W. Bush was running for President and CBS came out with damaging documents regarding his National Guard service. The documents were proven to be forgeries but I can remember Dan Rather saying that it didn’t matter if the documents were forged, it was the seriousness of the charge that mattered.
Although those false charges did not keep him from his campaign, others have not been so lucky. Case in point - Herman Cain. This is a man whom the opposition could not squelch when it came to his record, his ideas, his abilities, or his views. Therefore the only option open to them was character assassination. Whether the opposition was from the Democrats, a fringe group, or members of the establishment within his own party does not matter.
If this is how our system of government is now conducted, this current elections cycle will be one of the dirtiest and corrupt in our nation’s history. These ruthless individuals may have won this battle — we must not let them win the war. I urge you to stand up and be counted. Confront your local officials, visit your national representatives, join a Tea Party, write letters to the editor, talk to your children and friends, and above all else, vote. Stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution.
Elaine Maiellaro

Newt Gingrich, the
Republican salamander
It’s interesting that Republicans, particularly here in Florida, are lining up behind Newt, “the Salamander” Gingrich. I recall Gingrich was one of the first to get behind the Get Rid of Bill Clinton for his indiscretions in the Oval Office. But soon after his attacks on Clinton, it was uncovered that Gingrich had not one but three, verifiable affairs and had to resign as Speaker of the House and Congress as well.
Now with one of the women who survived all the hanky panky with Gingrich, and apparently she’s a shark, he’s running for the Republican nomination for president. Give me a break. He’s so stained, bleach wouldn’t clean him up. But, Republicans are Republicans and they are average which is not too bright and they’ll be just like lemings and follow each other over the Gingrich Hill.
Oh yes, when I said Newt the salamander, a newt is a salamander of the genus triturus (Diemictylus). Family, in other words, a slimy thing. Now does that describe Salamander Gingrich or not. I rest my case.
Bill Ford
Oak Run