Letters to the editor 12-01-2017

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Bill Ford, Walter A, Lamp, Michael Greenspan

Hospital at TimberRidge
A new hospital by Munroe Regional Medical Center (MRMC) is a bad idea. First it’s just a 64 bed hospital, and would be limited by it’s size. I’ve not read anywhere, that the Florida Hospital Association, or the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals (JCAH), has come out to support the hospital. The Llaw Judge has it right.
Having been a member of the Florida Hospital Association, and a former Assistant Administrator of a hospital, I feel I can speak from experience. A hospital so  small, is on the order of  an extended Emergency Room, and Timber Ridge does not have a good track record, since Community Health Care System (CHS), took over, either with patients or employee satisfaction.
To build a hospital on an emotional basis, is bad business. This was done in Ormond Beach many years ago, without much success. It appears the Route 200 coalition, wants to be out there with  a really MRMCt Marion county hospital. You must remember MRMC is a for-profit hospital, and with a hospital built at Timber Ridge, who pays for it, We do. Don’t ever think a new hospital is for free.
Until the hospital board, and commissioners went money happy, we had a not-for-profit and a for-profit hospital in Marion County.. In that light, you will notice more and more doctors are relocating to the Timber Ridge area, where all the senior citizens, and Medicare money lives. Having come into medicine in the early 1960s, it was medical care then, and now it’s money, money, money. Having received ER care at Timber Ridge, I’ve experienced inept care and you don’t see a doctor. On one occasion where I needed suturing, the nurse made me clean myself up and then a doctor sutured me, with a bad attitude, and after he was finished, I had to clean up myself. Oh yes, Timber Ridge’s favorite diagnosis is dehydration, but then they have to do nothing.
So be careful what you wish for. Realize the Law Judge had researchers in the area, and the hospital the 200 coalition wants so badly, was rejected by them. Something I’ve noticed since I’ve lived in this area of Florida, is people lead with their hearts not their heads, and that’s why the health care system in the area is so poor. Remember, the JCAH, gave MRMC a less than favorable rating, when they did their last inspection.
Bill Ford, Oak Run

Health care control

In 1964, a then private citizen, before he entered into public service said the following: “Health care  reform is not about health care reform. It is about control. He then finishes with, “A government that, controls its people’s health care, controls its people!”
Benjamin Franklin, remember him, once said to those colonists who favored Great Britian’s security over their fight for freedom, “One who trades one’s freedom for security ends up with neither.”
If all of you folks think that Obamacare comes without a price down the road, especially for our children and grandchildren I pray that some of you folks will still be around and see a bureaucrat tell them what they can do or not do.
That private citizen, in 1964, who first warned American of the dangers of losing one’s freedom was Ronald Reagan!
Walter A Lamp, Ocala

Coming tax bill
Just the other day Senator Lindsay Graham stated that if the “tax reform bill fails”: “The party fractures, most incumbents in 2018 will get a severe primary challenge, a lot of them will probably lose, the base will fracture, the financial contributions will stop, other than that it’ll be fine!” he was very candid with this statement, upon further analysis the lengths the Republicans will go to appease their source of funding since the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United, has made our Democracy a saleable item.  The problem with throwing Democracy and it people under the bus, that in this case some of the purchasers are Neo Nazis and many are oligarchs working with other oligarchs like Putin.
To be clear most of our parents or grand parents served in some capacity during the scourge of hate and horror that encompassed the World during World War II.  And to now allow for the purchased rehabilitation of this ideology is blasphemy and un American.
Some of the Republicans biggest supports are related to Koch Industries or the Mercer’s (Brietbart) which now have a presence in many of our governmental organs.  The Koch’s by their own actions starting back in the 1930s sold their oil refining technology to the Nazis and to Stalin throughout the war years.  And after the war were final allowed to bring this tech back American soil.
One of the first political endeavors Fred Koch did was to cofound the John Birch Society a Neo Nazi organization that performed the usual, white supremist rants, anti-Semitism and much more.  Veteran’s organization and other American anti hate groups across the nation marginalized this group and they lost much of their national prominence.  After this fall the Neo Nazis regrouped under the Koch’s and all their fronts groups like: Americans for Prosperity, the Heritage Foundation, Cato institute and so on.
So, today this group has taken control of many governmental positions and is by dint of “extortion” demanding that “Government of By and for the People” sell out or be primaried for the benefit of the Koch’s, Mercer’s and very few others only.  And now, like all good toadies our officials are reacting as preconditioned.  The only question left is how many of our officials are Patriots and true Americans and will vote with honor and not throw their constituents and America under the bus.
Michael Greenspan, Ocala