Letters to the editor 11-23-2012

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Current events

Many Americans voted for John McCain in his 2008 presidential bid. They agreed to support the winner, Barack Obama, for the good of America. After all, Obama was young, fresh, and energetic. He promised "hope and change" to America ... which he never gave us.

Then, Obama made a promise in 2012 of a “vision of America” and won a second term. He won the election but lost the support of the Americans who voted for McCain in 2008. They simply don't have any faith in Obama's promises, his abilities, or his policies. Now there is a deep-divide in America.

So, besides a deeply divided nation, what other priorities will Obama immediately have to deal with?

A "fiscal-cliff" (continuing/terminating tax-cuts, enacting debt-ceiling spending cuts, etc.) looms at year end 2012. It will force Obama to “cross the Congressional isle” to embrace Republicans in an effort to negotiate a solution/compromise. He has demonstrated in the past that this is something he doesn't relish doing; it is contrary to his socialist policies.

The House of Representatives is still controlled by Republicans. Hopefully, we will not get a rerun of the 2010-2012 period when little got done in Congress. Obama must work closely with Congress to “get” results not “demand” results as he has done in the past.

Regardless of what Obama and other liberal pundits say, Obama doesn't have a realistic mandate. Without one, how can he lead America to prosperity, peace and excellence? Increasing taxes on the rich is not a mandate. Making drastic spending-cuts is. A specific plan to get people back to work is. Making a plan to reduce our $16 trillion debt is another. Major tax-reform is another mandate.

Obama still owes the American people a clear, honest explanation of the Libyan situation. The Libyan thing has been dragging on far too long and is fraught with lies, misinformation and passing-the-buck. Libya is not a critical thing, however, if we Americans don't get an honest explanation, Obama's integrity will become even more questionable.

And the list goes on: Petraeus/Allen, Israel/Gaza, Iran, Storm Sandy. Things are not looking too pleasant for Obama. I hope and pray that they will get better, that Obama comes to the realization that he must do the right things for America, that a divided-nation will be healed.

Joe O'Hara



Play ball!

As a long time baseball and Yankee fan, I was pleased to read about the possible move of the Class A Tampa Yankees to Ocala. A release from the Yankees reported that the team draws about 1,600 fans per game in Tampa.

Because the baseball possibilities of Ocala are untapped, residents of Marion County currently have to head south if they want to attend Minor League ball games. A move of the Tampa Yanks to Ocala would allow fans of many Major League teams to see the young players in the farm systems of their favorite teams.

I’m all for it!

Barry Davis