Letters to the editor 11-18-2011

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Useful idiots
It is so easy to manipulate some people. The phrase “useful idiots” sums it up very nicely. We have these “useful idiots” with us in every generation, and in our generation in abundance, since the brain manipulation started decades ago.
Our “educated” class is a class brainwashed, and propagandized by liberal professors who hijacked our educational system decades ago. All that money for phony education. I want a refund of my tax dollars used to pay for this nonsense.
It cannot happen here. It already is happening. We are this close to subjugation. Open your eyes, look around you.
Recently, I attended an event where I was searched every day, my belongings. The catch words are safety and security. That is just how easy it is. I no longer fly. The searchers, (fellow citizens) did their searching with relish, as do community patrols who are concerned with our “safety, and security.”
A few days ago, I was issued an edict to keep my garage door closed at all times. It is supposed to be my garage door. Don’t I have the right to decide if it is open or closed, for my convenience? Something so mundane is the bailiwick of citizen spies? We are told when, and how to use everything. Recycle, do not buy, buy only what you are told, you use too much to heat, drive too much, cook, two-minute showers, etc. Is that freedom? We must cut back, while millions are allowed to rush over our borders at will. These people are taking my water, and everything else I use. I am forced to share resources with them, like it or not.
Logic should tell us something, but try to tell that to a liberal useful idiot. They want to hear none of this. Useful idiots are so devoid of common sense, and logic, and information. As a first step to rectify this situation may I humbly suggest useful idiots read: The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom, just to see how bad things can get. If these useful idiots are prepared to experience this: Be my guest, but do not expect me to share the experience. I choose to decline.
D.I. Larson

So quick to judge
Because of the viciousness in politics, I understand how the media and others will take an accusation of sexual harassment, even though it comes out years later, and try to destroy the accused.
I guess I am in the minority but shouldn’t we hear the facts, exactly what was said or done, what proof the accuser has, and what were the motives of all involved before we rush to judgment?
If Herman Cain actually did something that is despicable, why did it take years for it to come out and why now? One writer said in a letter printed else where and I quote: “Any man who uses power, position or money to achieve sex represents the epitome of impotence and is certainly unworthy of public office.”
This was said in reference to Cain even though there is no evidence or even a claim that he achieved sex as the writer put it. I do wonder if he feels the same about Bill Clinton, who did have sex with an intern, and in the oval office! If not, his prejudice and politics are showing.
What surprises me even more is the Joe Paterno immediate firing.
We should know more about this by the time this appears in the paper, but why did so many agree with this firing without knowing all the facts? Exactly what was he told about the incident? At this time no one knows for sure. There is no way I believe that Paterno would not have intervened if he had knowledge of a sexual act being performed on a minor.
This man is one of the most respected men in America and he is thrown to the wolves based on his actions.
Isn’t it possible that based on what he was told, he thought telling his Athletic Director would be sufficient?
The coach that told him about the incident has now said he saw the act and did nothing to stop it, he just walked away. What kind of man would not have intervened on behalf of that boy?
To make matters worse, that coach is not being fired, maybe you understand it better than I do.
Regarding the above, we will soon have all the facts and if they are as I suspect they are, a lot of people will be sorry they jumped on the “guilty” bandwagon so quickly. One is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. If I was convicted every time I innocently hugged a lady, I would be sentenced to life!
Wayne Rackley

Crochet Club thanks
Writing this letter has become an annual event for me but a very pleasant and grateful event.
Devereux Kids has a program that serves the residents in an area of Ocala dealing with huge unemployment and poverty levels much higher than surrounding areas even in our county.
For the past three years the wonderful women who participate in the Cherrywood Estates Crochet Club have made and donated absolutely beautiful baby sweaters, caps, mittens and blankets to help keep infants and babies warm.
During our first cold spell last week one blanket after another went out the door to very appreciative young mothers.
I was particularly touched this year when one of the baby caps was shown to an adult cancer patient.
A request was received from patients at the hospital receiving chemotherapy as to whether we could donate crochet caps to keep their heads warm after they lost their hair due to their treatment. The group from Cherrywood immediately went to task and within two weeks we were able to take almost 50 cheerful, brightly colored hand made crochet caps to the hospital.
From the babies to young to speak, the young mothers and the cancer patients at the hospital, this special thank you goes to the wonderful ladies in the Cherrywood Crochet Club. You touch many lives and we are very grateful.
Scott Hackmyer
Devereux Kids
Community Facilitator