Letters to the Editor 10-4-2013

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Andersonville POW camp was a tragedy that didn’t have to happen.
The South had nothing to give their troops, much less these prisoners. There had been a prisoner exchange program and then the North cancelled it. Remarkably, Union officials, including President Lincoln and Secretary of War Stanton, refused personal appeals from five paroled Union prisoners from Andersonville in July 1864 to restart the exchange. The men had presented a petition signed by most of the prisoners asking for help.
It amazes me that you never hear anything about what happened in the Union prisons. The North had plenty of supplies like blankets, clothing, shoes, medical, etc., but refused to give these to the CSA prisoners as a form of punishment. I suggest that the readers look up the following Union prison camps:
Alton, Indiana; Camp Chase, Ohio; Camp Douglas, Chicago, Illinois; Hart Island, New York; Fort Lafayette, New York; Camp Morton, Indiana; Rock Island Barracks, Illinois, Camp Butler, Illinois, Fort Delaware; Elmira Prison, New York; Johnson Island, Ohio; Fort McHenry, Baltimore, Maryland; Point Lookout, Maryland; Fort Warren Boston Harbor, Massachusetts.
It would be my guess that most people never heard of these places.
Trueman G. Griffin
Palm Cay

Who Congress works for
During this period of time when everyone in the United States is doing their part in working through these budget cuts that sequestration has brought to America some are ignoring its problems. Our military may be hurt the most with these drastic budget cuts at a time when we are still fighting a major conflict in Afghanistan where Americans are dying each and every day.
Every program that has been set aside to help our federal, state and local governments that provide for our people have been cut to the bone. We are eliminating programs that have been on the books for years that provide work for millions of Americans. Instead of building our roads and bridges putting our people to work we are shrinking our economy. Our workers are earning less money and paying less in taxes which reduce the funds that we need to keep our country running.
Regardless of what you have lost, what you have given up there is one group of people who are able to continue their lavish lifestyle. They feel that they are above the law of the little people because they made these laws that we all have to live by. I am talking about the Congress of the United States of America. They are a selfish group of individuals who have no skin in the game, no accountability for their actions because they only answer to their largest campaign contributors.
What can we as voters do about these people who do not have to sacrifice the way that we do to survive and try to support our families. Could we elect a new Congress in 2014 that believes in representing what’s best for all Americans?
Jerry Segovis

230 stood up for America    
They voted to defund the Great American Tragedy, Affordable Health Care, the biggest con job in recent history. Somehow liberals believe we can add millions to the insured roles, many with pre-existing illnesses, add government bureaucrats, including more IRS agents, and maintain our quality health care at a reduced cost. Please go back to school and study Economics 101 at the very least, and it would help if you had some knowledge of our Constitution. The cost of this program will skyrocket and medical care will deteriorate as big government makes our medical decisions for us. Talk to your doctor and also question why our president and Congress don’t have to be covered under it, just like ordinary citizens have to be. Doesn’t that raise a red flag for you?
I can’t believe so many believe Florida should take the “free money” being offered to us by the Fed. What planet do they live on to believe that if it comes from the Fed, we should take it with a big thank you? Where do you think the money comes from? All grants also come with strings attached and thankfully, our leaders want no part of it. What part of “we have no money for more programs” is so hard to understand? If we don’t cut back on our debt, we are going bankrupt, then what?
If you truly believe that everyone is entitled to health care, nothing would stop you from adopting a family and paying for their coverage. I don’t think you have the right to demand others to pay for their coverage, but it would be very charitable for you to do so. Isn’t it our individual responsibility to take care of our own family’s needs: food, shelter, clothing, medical care, etc ? Isn’t that one reason we have charitable organizations, including churches, to help those who can’t help themselves, the truly needy.  IF we no longer believe in personal responsibility, we have become a Socialist America, just as our enemy predicted years ago. Please understand that a government that gives you everything can turn around and take it from you, that is not what America is and I pray it never will be. God bless America!
Wayne Rackley