Letters to the editor 10-19-2012

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Looking at Executive Orders

It is a shame that the only ads Obama can run are promoting class warfare, primarily because he can’t run on his record. He wants to shift emphasis to fear of the unknown from the facts that would in themselves prevent his re- election. However there is a real danger that hardly anyone is talking about, one that could destroy individual freedom and our American way of life. It’s time to talk about his executive orders.

Our Constitution dictates separation of powers through our three branches of government and they provide the tripod needed to insure we maintain our republic form of government, by and for the people. They provide the checks and balances needed to preserve our representative way of governing. Nowhere in the Constitution does it authorize the president to issue Executive Orders, and there were none issued until the following: There were 3 issued by Teddy Roosevelt , then FDR, who issued 11 in 16 years; then Clinton, who issued 15 in 8 years; then Bush, who issued 62 in 8 years. There were only 30 issued in total by all of the other previous presidents.

I wonder how many of our citizens are aware that Obama has issued 923 executive orders in just 3 ½ years. Republican , Democrat or Independent, why wouldn’t we question the motives of this action? Why the need to give the government, primarily the Executive Branch, so much power? Would it be that these are done to give the Executive Branch powers to such a degree that he doesn’t need the Congress, taking control away from the House and Senate? They definitely take away power and freedom from we the people!

Judge some of them for yourself! #10990, Allows Government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports; #10995, Allows Government to seize and control the communication media; #10997, Allows Government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels and minerals; #10998, Allows Government to take over all food resources and farms; #11000, Allows Government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under Governmentsupervision; #11001, Allows Government to take over all health, education and welfare functions; #11002, Allows Government to designate the registration of all persons, with the Postmaster General operating a national registration; #11003, Allows Government takeover of all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft; #11004, allows the housing and finance authority to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned and establish new locations for populations; #11005, Allow Government to take over railroads, inland waterways and public facilities.

These are just a few of the 923 orders, but they speak loudly of the total disregard Obama has for our individual freedom, our right to make our own choices. They do support his idea of remaking us into a one world government and economy, losing our standing as being the greatest nation on the planet. This does sound a lot like our neighbors to the south, Cuba and Venezuela.

If you share his vision for America this won’t bother you, and you will vote for him. I don’t believe many Americans want the government to have this much control over our individual lives. If you do, please just move to another country and stop trying to destroy ours.

Wayne Rackley




This election in November will be decided by those who are motivated to vote. Watching the news on TV and reading the newspapers, voters are now being told this election is a toss up with the advantage going to Gov. Romney.

Leading in the polls does not win an election. It is possible that the president has seen the news and finally realizes that he doesn’t own the White House and is in the fight of his political life to keep his job as president.

Just four short years ago we were on the edge of another depression when our economy was in a free fall with no light at the end of the tunnel. The job situation has been turned around to the point where many of the jobs that were lost between 2008 thru 2010 have been brought back and many people are working again.

You cannot discount the mood of the country being impacted by the number of unemployed and underemployed which has devastated many families. We simply cannot go back to the economic policies of the past where the Republicans believe that cutting taxes and having a smaller income produces more money for our economy and more jobs for our workers.

We in Florida were told in our last state election that if you elect me I will create 700,000 new jobs. One of the first official duties of this new governor was to turn down 2 billion dollars of job stimulus money from the federal government because it was not his idea. This money was then sent to other states who created thousands of jobs for their economy while Florida was left struggling and wondering why not us.

The best way to be motivated is to understand what is happening to our country and get involved. Do not let political lies determine your future.

Jerry Segovis



It just isn’t fair!

Some people are simply handed “entitlements” such as Food Stamps, welfare and Medicaid even though they are not “entitled” to them.

The number of people in these programs has increased since 2008. For example, 31 million people were on Food Stamps in 2008, 46 million people now. This occurs because our government mismanages the entitlement process.

The problem is made worse when President Obama’s nanny-state like, spend-tax-borrow agenda is thrust on us.

Other people have worked hard for their so-called “entitlements” such as Social Security and Medicare - which are not really “entitlements” since we paid for them. The Social Security benefits and any pensions we receive are taxed more to help pay for those not “entitled” to receive “entitlements.”

Once again the middle class must make sacrifices so that undeserving people get their freebies. This nanny-state philosophy is destroying America, and simply isn’t fair to the citizens who make these sacrifices.

Obama claims he will strengthen the middle class and not raise our taxes.

But, we are already being taxed - and he pretends that we are not - to provide funding for those receiving unentitled entitlements. Similarly - when the well runs dry and America can’t borrow anymore money; when the wealthy have been taxed to the max - whenever Obama gives a new freebie to someone, the middle-class will be required to pony-up ... once again. It simply isn’t fair.

We absolutely cannot re-lect the current administration.

Joe O’Hara



Some facts about MRMC

For almost 3 years I have attended Munroe Regional Medical Center meetings and studied audit reports, financial statements, consultant reports, ratings agency reports, etc. in order to be able to make an informed decision about whether or not to support a tax for the hospital. I will not support the referendum on the Nov. 6 ballot for reasons noted below.

First, the proposed property tax addresses the result of the problem, not the problem. The problem is simply that the revenue of a stand-alone hospital can no longer carry the overhead. MRMC’s board of trustees has been told that by at least three different consultants but the decision was made more than six years ago to reject the idea of merging with another organization to share that overhead burden. It was assumed that tax support would be obtained. At a board meeting in early 2011 one of the dominant trustees complained to Commissioner Stan McClain, “If the County Commission had sold it right, we would already have tax support.” He did not say why he felt it was the County Commission’s responsibility to “sell” tax support.

Second, the one mill property tax that has been proposed will not solve MRMC’s financial problems. This has been discussed and acknowledged openly in recent board meetings where it was referred to as a “Band-aid”. But, as one trustee stated, “It will buy us 2-3 years in which we can hope for a miracle that will allow us to retain control of the hospital”.

Third, approving the proposed tax will be opening Pandora’s Box as tax support for MRMC will never end and it won’t remain at one mill. As stated above, the current proposed tax will not solve MRMC’s income problem. MRMC would need tax support of at least 2-3 mills to break even and cover routine capital cost.

Fourth, collection of a sales tax for the support of indigent care is the fairest method. Under the current law, an indigent care sales tax would bring in about $14 million per year. However, contrary to the propaganda that implies that MRMC is the only indigent care provider in Marion County, they are not and the tax revenue would have to be shared with the other indigent care providers. By MRMC’s own estimate they would only receive about 40 percent or $5.8 million of the revenue.

From experience I know that it is important to develop a sense of urgency when trying to turn around a financially distressed business. There doesn’t seem to be any sense of urgency at MRMC.

It is equally important to impose strict cash management procedures. Logic dictates that all proposed expenditures should be reviewed to determine whether they are essential or optional and the optional expenditures should be rejected until the financial situation is stabilized. MRMC continues to make non-essential expenditures. For example, the board of directors recently approved spending $85-100,000 to hire an accounting firm to prepare a 5-year plan. In my experience, this was always the job of the senior financial staff. Apparently MRMC’s Chief Financial Officer who is paid $360,000 per year plus bonus ($93,000 in 2010) and his staff are incapable of handling this. There are many more examples.

Another item that should be questioned is the $85 million of bad debt expense for fiscal year 2012. Their bad debt expense is normally dismissed as Charity Care and is given as the explanation for their losses. Only about $30 million of this write-off is actually classified as Charity Care. Explain the remaining $55 million.

No one likes change, especially when your ego is tied so closely to the status quo, but MRMC is unsustainable in the current business model. We have other good non-tax options available (I was particularly impressed with the Duke/Lifepoint proposal.) but those will die with the passage of this tax referendum. Now we must decide whether we are going to accept financial reality and join with a hospital group or agree to pay unlimited taxes to maintain the status quo.

Carl Crabtree


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