Letters to the editor 10-14-2011

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Saving the ducks
The recent decision by the Ocala City Officials to destroy the ducks living and populating the public parkland has released a giant protest from the local citizenry who believe that the ducks should be left in peace and protected.
It speaks well of those who oppose the wholesale destruction of any of God’s creatures be it beautiful ducks or otherwise. These supporters of life for the ducks are to be commended for their concern for the animal kingdom.
God’s unborn and the pro-life community would welcome such commitment directed to saving human life. It is troubling that concern for the lives of ducks is so greatly disproportionate to the concern shown for unborn children whose lives are taken by abortion at a rate of over one million each year for the past 39 years.
It is in the personal nature of humans to respond to what they see, in this case, beautifully feathered birds, but ignore the unseen, the unborn victims of abortion.
Voiceless, unseen, unborn children need a concerned public to respond to their unheard outcries for justice considering their lives are daily endangered by some members of the medical community.
Mabel Ryan
President Life Education Ministry, Inc.

Sounds good, no facts
When you want to show the difference between points of view it’s always a good idea to be specific. I hope the days of “they’re bad, I’m good” will soon end.
Here is a sample of it sounds good but no facts, taken from a writer in the letters with my changes. The original is in the Friday, Sept. 2, edition. You should read it.
What Republicans?
When someone says they are a member of the Republican Party, my retort is: What Republican Party?
There is no Republican Party.
The Republican Party was hijacked a long time ago by the Bad People Party. Factions too cowardly to run out in the open. They co-opted the Republican Party by stealth.
Anyone calling themselves a Republican is fooling no one but themselves.
Our founding fathers went through hell (literally, read the sacrifices they made) to give us freedom.
Yeah, there are those who are willing to sell that freedom for a couple of bucks (not even 40 pieces of silver). Freedom comes cheap to some people.
They do not have a clue of the worth of freedom. Freedom is the rarest commodity in the history of mankind. More precious than gold.
Real Republicans have been hoodwinked.
If there was a true Republican Party I might be tempted to join (Rhinos are no bargain), but a Bad People Party is not my cup of tea. (The End).
What party started Social Security and Medicare and saved millions of American lives? That letter writer doesn’t know. Do you?
Alan Gold