Letters to the editor 10-07-2011

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Get Out of Our House
Keith Flaugh, a spokesman for GOOOH (Get Out Of Our House) drove from Marco Island to speak to Tea Party Solutions of Ocala about this truly grassroots, non-partisan organization, that has a plan to replace Congress in 2012. Keith is an Army veteran and retired in 2001 after 27 years with IBM. As a free market capitalist, and frustrated with career politicians and the monopoly held by the two political parties, he joined a 9/12 group and a local Tea Party in 2010.
GOOOH is a system created by an innovative Dell engineer who has spent his entire life developing complex computer systems that change the way we do things. The system is designed to take advantage of the Internet and social networking to allow the people to choose their own candidate, and not necessarily the ones the two parties offer. The system looks to change three things: 1. Accountability by the candidate. 2. Term limits. 3. The way money is raised and used, to eliminate PAC’s, special interests, and unions. GOOOH is a process; it requires ordinary citizens to participate, and has the greatest realistic chance ever, to change the system.
You must become a GOOOH member and complete six steps in order to participate in the Candidate Selection Sessions. The process involves all 435 Districts in the country, with citizens in each of those districts participating in Candidate Selection Sessions to choose a candidate of the people to run in all the Primaries across the country. The selection will be based on a number of eliminating sessions and a Candidate Questionnaire containing over 100 questions that must be answered, for or against, and then signed to insure accountability. The candidates will be bound to vote in accordance with their answers.
The money will be raised by requiring 500,000 participating citizens (in a country of over 300 million) to donate $100 each to participate in the Selection process. We must raise that much money because the Republicans and Democrats will each spend over $500 million on their campaigns. It will also raise sufficient funds to launch a world-class national campaign for all 435 of our candidates.
We can do this and we need to start now! You need to go to the website, www.goooh.com, to read a much more comprehensive explanation of this process and to sign up as a member. Reading the information provided will help you understand that the process is not as overwhelming as you may think, and it is accomplishable. It may be our last chance to save our country and have representatives that are truly accountable to their constituents. BTW, be sure to read some of the public comments, including those made by more famous people like Lou Dobbs and Dennis
John Terry

I am a Tea Party Patriot. I am for redistribution.
This is how it will be handled.
1. Take Barack and Michelle’s money, along with all their czars’ assets, and give them to that poor woman who is waiting for that “free Obama money.” She should be first on this list.
2. Next all of George Soros ill gotten gains should be doled out to any indolent drug addict that wants it. George will be thrilled to give. He is very free with his money.
3. Next, I am absolutely certain Michael Moore, Bill Maher, and that Socialist Hollywood clique will gladly turn over all their worldly goods. This is their issue. Time to pony up, kids.
4. It is time Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Chuck Schumer, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters to bring on all your ill gotten gains, and contribute to the pot. It is your idea, your money should pay for this redistribution.
5. Of course all the Hedge Fund, and derivative money should go into that big distribution pot as well.
6. Defund the UN, and a few other useless government agencies.
7. Money, money, money. Money all over the place. Just get it from the right sources. These Socialists have it in spades. Let them fund redistribution.
8. These kind folks want redistribution, but, they want it to be on the back of the middle class. Please: Go jump in a lake, but leave your money behind.
There, now, that should pretty much take care of all those people clamoring for that Free Obama Money.
That leaves the rest of us poor tax slaves in the middle, alone. We get to keep our hard earned money. Everybody is happy, and the job is neatly done. Fair and square.
We did not even have to go to Buffet or the Gates for a handout.
If we come up a few bucks short, certain they will kick in a few dollars. We know Buffet is ready. Perhaps, he might want to tackle our tremendous drug problem with a few spare dollars.
An entire generation of Boomer Boobs strung out on drugs. What is that all about?
D.I. Larson, Ocala


Hospital Board Meeting
Well, I had to follow through with my commitment to MRMC and went to the board meeting along with my wife on Sept. 26. I was elated with the outcome. A number of us as citizens spoke and I don’t know but I could have done better but the public prevailed and the District Board of Trustees and Directors of Munroe Regional Medical Medical Center voted to keep operation of MRMC as it is, until 2023.
My concern was the hospital not go out to bids by public, for-profit hospital corporations. We have one of those in the area now and my wife and I have used it and it was not good. One of my other concerns is the public relations of the hospital. They have a great staff but I feel since “MRMC” is our hospital, there should be a closer tie to the citizenry of Marion County and it’s environs. I’ve been pushing for 1 1/2 years to get the hospital, through letters to the editor, to use the slogan “MRMC, our hospital,” and I think I made some headway in this endeavor.
Two presentations stood out for me. First, Steve Purvis, CEO of the Munroe Health Care Systems, Inc. gave an outstanding speech. He commented that MRMC is your hospital in his remarks, which ties in with what I’ve been talking about. The other was Kulbar Ghumman, who of all the trustees and board members gave the most intelligent speech after Mr. Purvis spoke. Now Mr. Ghumman and I don’t always see eye to eye, which we understand, but you have to give credit where credit is due and he really came to the aid of the citizens of Marion County. Other board members spoke but none with the eloquence of these two gentlemen. There were 10 or 12 members of the public who spoke and I was number four. I could not match the presentations by Mr. Purvis or Mr. Ghumman.
There were some comments, but not in the meeting, but through other sources, that we have another hospital in the area but they get no public support. You’re darn right they don’t, because they are a for-profit hospital and part of Hospital Corporation of America. Man you don’t want to even get involved with for-profit hospitals. That’s a nightmare. As a Medicare/Blue Cross auditor here in Florida, I uncovered a $750,000 fraud at an adjoining county hospital and because they had gone public, I had to testify before the Securities and Exchange Commission and that I can tell you is real hell.
So why don’t more of you folks out there write and push for “MRMC our hospital” because it is ours. It is one of the leading hospitals in the state and we need to support in any way we can.
Bill Ford, Oak Run
Former Hospital Medicare
fraud auditor,
Vice President of Medicare “B” for Wisconsin Medical Service
Vive President of St. Louis Blue Shield for Internal Audit, to name a few

Food inspectors
At one time the government of the United States was concerned that suppliers of food might be more concerned with profit than your health. They had inspectors visit facilities to test for unsafe bacteria.
Republicans were successful in cutting excessive government spending. There are not enough inspectors to safeguard our health.
We have one terrible report after another. On your computer List of food-borne illness outbreaks in the United States.
The next one is coming.
Alan Gold