Letters to the Editor

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By The Staff

Thank you all for

honoring Harry Plow

The family, and especially Irene Plow, wants to thank everyone for the many expressions of sympathy for my husband, Harry G. Plow, by attending his memorial, as well as the contributions made in his name and the kind words by cards.

For the community to remember the man who gave his all for others in many special ways is very touching.

Thanks again,

Irene Plow

Congress shouldn’t pass

time with baseball scandals

It has been rumored our ever diligent Congress is considering looking into the use of steroids by major league baseball players.

With the nation on a very slippery slope with dollar problems, the possibility or reality we are close to a recession, war strategies, inflation and on and on, these people who are supposed to be working for us have time to explore the shenanigans of professional athletes. Is this what we are paying them a very handsome stipend for?

What form would any “corrective” action take if they do decide to act?

Let baseball take care of its own house, and mete out its own punishments.

Don Pixley


Don’t count chickens

before they hatch

It was visibly offensive when our even-handed American media reacted to the sniping of Senator Hillary Clinton in a piranha-type feeding frenzy. Now the demeaning journalists and their selected group of pundits seemed baffled that she won conclusively in the New Hampshire Democratic primary election.

Pre-election polls mean nothing when they are structured by human assumption and elections are won by the forming of human sentiment and inspiration. Now they are venting – why, the polls were wrong.

Some say that there were racial undertones – others say that it was Mrs. Clinton’s human manifestations becoming visible – others say that it was voter indecisiveness. Regardless of what they now assert, they all have egg on their faces.

It is crucial for one not to become decidedly entrenched in today’s media. One must show some discretion by reading between the lines.

Remember, in politics, nothing happens by chance. Everything is planned behind closed doors.

I am totally bewildered when I speak to many people who have enormous dislike and hate for Mrs. Clinton. I personally feel that her love affair with the media contributed to this venomous mist that started when her husband was in the presidential office, and unfortunately this stigma continues to this day.

No one should judge another person until they have walked in their shoes — that is human compassion. Has anyone contemplated what this person has had to endure or suffer in her private life?

I can only affirm that she has to be an extraordinarily tough, courageous, resolved individual, predicated on her past crossroads.

Her record also tells me that she is determined to structure a prosperous new society in such a way as to give all our citizens – the handicapped, underprivileged, the cultivated and wealthy to live the lives they are all capable of in harmony and hope toward an inspiring new united America.

Our country is now in great peril and in need of immediate reform. That is why I am casting my support in favor of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Joe Pillado


Huckabee is different,

in a good way

I just had to mention a few things about Mike Huckabee to everyone because he is new to someand different (in a good way). He cares about America and sees what is happening to our country that will be our downfall.

Take a minute to read a little about Mike Huckabee, and this is just the tip of the iceberg: He was one of America’s best governors, Time magazine Nov. 13, 2005. He had the highest job growth since 1976, according to Department of Labor statistics, and Arkansas hit the lowest unemployment mark in state history in 30 years.

From 1996 to 2007 Mike Huckabee cut taxes more than 90 times (Department of Finance and Administration FY 97-05; health care coverage for 70,000 uninsured children, better schools, and higher test scores (Deptarment of Education. SRTS 7/30/07).

Mike Huckabee’s record speaks for itself. He believes in the principles that God gave all of us. I wanted to share this with you because he is a Southern gentleman, and one who truly cares what happens to America.

When going to the polls, every American should vote their conscience, about keeping America strong for our children and our children’s children. Vote for Huckabee if you really care about values, freedom, and our welfare as citizens of America.

God bless America ee without God we would be nothing.

Marilyn Bennett

Pine Run

Get government

off my back

Change! The catch phrase of the current presidential candidates. Do citizens want change? Yes. When do we want it? Now!

The problem is: What do the candidates mean by change, and what do citizens mean by change? Will any candidate have the power to bring about change?

It seems the problem is with Congress. They vote for the laws that mess up our country and our lives. How can any person who becomes president stop all this foolishness?

In a free society, law abiding citizens do not have to go to government for permission to breathe. Every move we make is regulated, and loaded with useless, needless, wasteful paperwork. It has reached the critical mass stage.

There are ways to avoid some paperwork, but there is still enough left to contend with. It is driving me crazy.

Most is written so that no one can understand what it means. Not just double talk, this is triple talk, and beyond. Intended to fool citizens, yet binding upon them. Sign, and you are dead meat.

Every day people sign documents they do not understand. This should be against the law.

It took years before I learned to bracket and initial any part of a document I do not understand or agree with. Those parts are not binding upon the signer.

Citizens are so conscripted by government they have no voice in the running of our governments. We are told what to do, and we had better comply. Think IRS. Scares me, and I pay all my taxes, and on time.

But if they decide something is wrong (even if it is not), your life becomes a living nightmare. It happened, recently, to a 93-year-old friend, someone who does not have enough income to even pay taxes.

A bank sent in a form to the IRS that was not properly coded. You can imagine the nightmare it caused. The time, money, and effort it demanded of someone of such an advanced age is abusive.

Our government abuses us, and there are those calling for ever more government intervention into our lives. Those are the infants among us who need nannying.

The change we need is: Government out of our lives with all her regulations of law abiding citizens, and the horrific paperwork that accompanies those regulations.

Bureaucracies exist for their own aggrandizement, not for the benefit of the citizenry. It has been thus, since the beginning of government. When will we learn?

D.I. Larson


Our debt and destiny

are in foreign hands

Does anyone see the correlation between tax cuts, deficit spending and borrowing money to pay the bills that the taxes were put in place to pay? The people of America demanded certain services from the government to live the good life and agreed to pay the taxes necessary to maintain this good lifestyle. This was known as the American way of life and we each felt comfortable knowing that we were paying our own way.

Along came the Republicans, who felt that if they cut taxes, which meant a smaller income for the government but approved borrowing money from other countries to maintain services to Americans – they would be happy with the results. This is called Reagenomics, to keep the people happy and don’t tell them that this can’t last forever.

If you don’t pay your bills the extra money in your pocket feels good untilit’s gone and you are left with your financial responsibilities.

Do Republicans really feel that tax cuts allow the government to pay its bills with less of an income? I for one feel that if I reduce my income I will have less money to pay what I am responsible for. If I can’t pay these bills with a smaller income I will have to borrow from somewhereto make up the difference and maintain my same lifestyle.

Our president has chosen to borrow money from China to pay the government’s bills, so that we are unaware and do not notice the consequences of deficit spending.

The Democrats have a history in government of payingthe bills first by cutting unnecessary spending and not borrowing from other countries. The last president who had a policy of paying governments bills and also paying down the national deficit was Clinton.

President Clinton inherited a $5.5 trillion national debt from the previous Republicanadministrations, and now this Republican president has built our national debt to more than $9 trillion as his legacy of eight years in office. Ask yourself, which party is more fiscally responsible to America, the Republicans or the Democrats?

The Democrats realize that to control your own destiny you must control your debt and responsibilities.

Jerry Segovis


Cliff Stearns does

care about veterans

I am very disappointed that our U.S. Representative Cliff Stearns has been attacked for lack of compassion toward our nation’s veterans and their families. Lack of compassion, look at from whom?

I know for a fact that Rep. Stearns personally offers his condolences for every family who has lost someone while in service to our country. In his nearly 20 years in Congress, he has written or supported numerous bills that have improved services for veterans and their families, and held the Veterans Administration accountable for their obligations.

He has gotten funding for extension of the medical center in Gainesville, a new veterans cemetery outside Jacksonville, and a new medical clinic in Summerfield. His support for the Veterans Park in Ocala is well noted and appreciated.

During the Dec. 12 House Veterans Affairs Committee hearings, Rep. Stearns was one of the members who led the standing ovation for the parents of Tim Bowman. His opening statement posted on the Veterans Affairs Committee Web site also clearly stated his opinion: These young men and women are heroes – each and everyone of them. ee Their presence reminds us of the high cost of our freedom, and inspires us to act for others rather than just ourselves. The young men and women who have served our nation in such extreme circumstances — enduring unbelievable amounts of the stress of war so that those of us who remain at home can livein the peace they protected. They do deserve the utmost respect, and theutmost care that we can provide.

Rep. Stearns has always been compassionate and respectful to our veterans and he certainly deserves better than the activist writers and newspapers are saying. As a veteran of the Korean War, I am thankful for our congressman’s services for veterans and their families.

Monty Eason,Oak Run