Letters to the editor 09-30-2011

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It’s not my fault
President Obama stands there in public and cries about how tough the job is and how his predecessor left him with such a mess.
I remember another President in my lifetime who inherited a mess.
On January, 20, 1981, Ronald Reagan beame the new President. He never wasted time blaming his predecessor for the problems he inherited. That’s because he was too busy solving them! And, those problems were many and quite serious.
He got the economy going again, unemployment and interest rates dropped. And, as a bonus, he won the “cold war” and left the Soviet empire in ashes.
It’s sad that America now has a President who limits his own ability by talking too much and solving little to nothing.
But, it’s cheerful to remember we once had a President who solved huge problems by his actions.
Remember, children stand around and blame someone else and never take responsibility – like this President.
President  Harry Truman said, “The buck stops here!”  President Theodore Roosevelt said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick” and President Reagan once said in his inaugural address, “and on this issue, there will be no compromise.” President Obama says, “It’s not my fault!”
Walter A. Lamp
                Proud to be an American
There was a great commercial on TV recently in which several individuals of obvious different origins declared proudly, “I am an American.”  Anyone  born here is guaranteed that distinction by our Constitution.  It frustrates me to see how we have become infatuated with being “hyphenated” Americans!  I am not sure when this practice started, but it is a bad practice and one that encourages division and should be stopped.  I am of European descent but have never even thought of calling myself a “European American.”  
I, too, am an American and I’m proud of it!   
Why is this so important?
If one was out to destroy a country, state or even a family, one important thing they would do is to divide us in every way possible. This is because  a  Nation divided  cannot stand, for United We Stand, Divided We Fall!  
It is now happening, because every where we look, we see division  -- and this division is leading to a culture collapse in America.  Our culture is made up of the experience and practices  of our people in matters of business, religion, entertainment, the Arts, customs, education, politics, government, the sciences, family, and the more general social system of relationships.  
Our culture is what makes us who we are as a people and as a nation. Our founders knew that our view of God and our worship would determine our culture,  so they made no secret of who we are and on what we have built this land.  
This has been carved in wood, etched in stone, or painted on canvas in many of our historic government buildings and memorials throughout our land.  Our U.S. Constitution and the individual  States’ Constitutions  refer to our being under the guidance of Almighty God.
The biggest culprits are our national media and the politicians themselves.  Every where you go you see editorials, letters, and broadcasts that promote class warfare, race differences, varying definitions of a family, the definition of marriage, our status as a GOD fearing Judea/Christian Nation and so on.  There is a strong movement  to remove God from our culture.
 We will have differences but these differences should not prevent us from pulling together as Americans, each one of us taking responsibility for ourselves and our families.  
By stopping the “class envy”, recognizing that jobs come from successful businesses, and honoring the message and truths of God, we will be just fine.  After all, We are Americans!  God Bless America!
Wayne Rackley

Good Sailor Bars
(Letter sent to U.S. Rep. Cliff Stearns)
I've taken the liberty in sending you this for two reasons. The first is to show you that military folks are real people who need -- no, make that "earned" -- a time to let their hair down after doing in 10 to 12 hours what many of their civilian counter-parts do in 16 or 20 hours.
The second reason is a bit more solemn. There's a message here that's very loud and clear between the lines, Congressman Sterns. Look for it....it's there. The message, in part, tells of young lads, and yes, like President Obama said, ALL VOLUNTEERS, who have foregone the fun and fancy, care-free and "what the hell" life so they could be part of the greatest "safety net" the world has ever known.
And yet, as it has been since the word “deficit” crept into our language, the military men and women are the first, or second (the other being a civil servant) to be singled out as to "What can they do without so we can help reduce this deficit??  
"What medical benefits can we reduce and yet ensure they receive vital medicines????"
"What can they do without that they paid for by serving their country for twenty or more years"??? Many with their lives!!! "What can they do without highly paid administrators, recently appointed Czars, professional entertainers, members of both houses, CEO's, casino owners - you get the picture -  who receive every day and truly believe ''they deserve it!”"
In closing, dear Congressman, I, and millions like me, and millions like the men in this email, hope you continue your staunch support for the military man and woman, and  stand up and be counted as one who never turned your back on many who paid their dues in blood.
  Arthur Ippolito
Ocala, FL

Thanks for dedicated
staff at state forest
I recently lost my dog while hiking in the Ross Prairie State Forest. It was my intent to remain in the forest - searching for my dog - until he was found. Fortunately two wonderful people, one ranger employed by the state of Florida and a Greenways volunteer, came to my assistance.

Ranger George Risko Jr., Senior Forest Ranger in Marion County, also refused to leave the forest until my dog was recovered. Ranger George found my dog –lying on a forest fire trail – in the rain. It was getting dark when Ranger George and my dog drove up to the dry camp where I was attempting to keep dry under a picnic table. I am most impressed with the loyalty and concern which my dog and I experienced.

I also wish to bring to your attention, Mr. Cornelius Bowne, a volunteer in Ross Prairie State Forest. Mr. Bowne helped to coordinate the search with Ranger George and my friends. I have no doubt that he would have checked on me at the campsite in the early morning had that become necessary.

The people of Marion County are truly blessed to have such dedicated staff. To Ranger George and Mr. Cornelius Bowne – my friends, my dog and I express a big Thank You.

Patricia O’Mara
Oak Run

Editor’s Note:  The letter above was sent originally to Commissioner  Charles H. Bronson. It is printed here at the request of the author.